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Micsan "Amigo design" skin for iGO 8.3

New nice skin of Micsan for iGO 8.3 (v64029, v64873, v71348, v79297 and v80621)
to obtain the same design as iGO Amigo !

- Integration of design "iGO Amigo"
- Removal of resolution 400x234, 400x240, 480x234, 640x480 and 800x480 (for now)
- Change-compatibility with the "Titidom Weather 1.4.1"

Enjoy Micsan Amigo skin 1.2 and TiTidom Weather 1.4.1 !


Anonymous said...

Does it also works on igo amigo?
Because igo amigo don't have the 800x480 resolution.

Moshe said...

Excellent Job. But I see 2 cars instead of one. One 3d model and one regular.
Any solution ?

Anonymous said...

move this to my skin folder and it doesn't show up in skins when running igo8.

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