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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
You can find on this blog wallpaper pictures, colormaps, POI icons and skins to customize your favorite GPS navigator ...

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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.5)

A new update of this skin ... One again a great functionality offered by the author of this skin ! Thanks to him for this nice work !
He added detour distance and direction icon to the POI search results when searching for POI's along the route as you can see on the picture below.

Enjoy "iGO8 Ultra" skin 2.5 !

Update : Put BTOnOff.exe in the iGO8 folder on your device (Program Files/iGO8) to add Bluetooth button on the bottom of the "Quick Menu" to switch Bluetooth on/off

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.3)

A recent update (25.06.08) of the nice Ultra skin ... Thanks to his author, for this skin appreciated all around the world !

- He added separate settings for navigation and cruise mode for the 3 trip data fields on the map screen.
- He added highlighted overspeed warning to the trip data current speed field. Optionally selectable via the "Map Screen Settings" or "Warnings" menus.
- He added access to the "Map Screen Settings" menu via Tap and Hold on the map Menu button. This replaces the previous "Map Button Settings" menu.

Enjoy "iGO8 Ultra" skin v2.3 !

Enhanced colormap for the night !

This is my new work about the colormaps ;-)
I created last month a new colormap for the night presented in the post "New colormap for the night !" ... This colormap was downloaded 2356 times on my blog and is included in many skins developped by other authors ! Many thanks to all of you for this support !

But someone said that this colormap seems like a moon landscape :-(
Thus I decided to create a new one, based on my daycolormap, and much more realistic !

What do you think about this new one ?

Enjoy this new nightcolormap ! (don't forget to rename the file without 2)

New "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.2)

New update (june 22) of the famous iGO8 Ultra skin with a completely redesigned landscape Full Screen Mode accessible via the Quick Menu and some other new features !
Remark that this skin supports the official version only ...

Enjoy iGO8 Ultra skin 2.2 !

TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v8622.0302)

GlikoGliko updates regularly his skin, then now I include the version number ... The new version is v8622.0302. The main new features are :

  • Choice of 14 different Skin/Panel instead of the standard TT-Blue
  • GPS and Battery meters now added

  • Enjoy TTSkin in version 8622.0302

    Glossy POI icons for night

    As requested by one of the users of this blog, I have updated my glossy POI icons set for the night mode of iGO ...

    Only download the poi_mapclose.bmp file and put it in your ui_igo8/common/night folder !
    (just remove the _glossy_night indication in the filename)

    The "realistic" color scheme updated

    Today, for those who have desactivated the "Elevation on 2D Map" option in iGO8, I have updated the "realistic" color scheme for having a nice green ground instead of the very light green ...

    Enjoy the color scheme Artwork-iGO8 v2

    Modified TTSkin updated !

    The modified TTSkin presented two days ago was updated with portrait resolution (240x320) and with some new features like custom battery/sattelite status, custom arrows and icons navigation directions. Thanks to Dangis, the author of this skin based on GlikoGliko TTSkin, for his nice work ...

    Enjoy it !

    TTSkin by GlikoGliko updated with french warning voices ...

    Many thanks to LeSScro to have customized the nice skin of GlikoGliko for french users ...
    - Add Sound FR speed CAM
    - Add Boot Logo Perso (240x320)
    - Add POI map close from igo8 Art blog (Thanks to appreciate my work ;-))
    - Add Color day and night from igo8 Art Blog (Thanks to appreciate my work ;-))
    - Add Gray Bottom Bar
    - Add Custom speedCam Icon and notifications

    Enjoy this french "TomTom like" skin !

    New modified TTSkin ...

    I found on the web a modified skin of the "TomTom like" skin ... The author has customized GlikoGliko's skin in a 320x240 mode with adding of compass, battery/sattelite status and a Mp3 button.

    Update of TTskin by GlikoGliko

    The nice "TomTom like" skin by GlikoGliko was recently updated ... Thanks to him for his hard work ! This new release includes 320x240, 240x320 and 480x272 resolution modes.

    Enjoy TTSkin_by_GlikoGliko !

    "Adobe CS3 like" icons !

    I took my inspiration in the Adobe CS3 design to create a new set of colored POI icons !
    I hope you will like it ;-)
    (especially designed for english language)

    Enjoy this new POI icons set poi_mapclose.bmp !
    Put the file in your ui_igo8/common folder
    (remove the _cs3 extension)

    More "realistic" color scheme ...

    Once again to enhance the navigation comfort, a new color scheme with black and grey roads more realistics than original yellow roads !
    Dark grey for highways and grey gradient depending of the size of the other roads ... and red planned road ...

    Enjoy the first color scheme Artwork-iGO8 !

    Under a blood red sky ...

    It's a famous album from U2 ;-) ...
    But it also a good answer to someone who asked me on this blog, if it's possible to change the sky and create a new one with sun or clouds.
    Unfortunately NavNGo has changed the definition of the colored sky compared to the previous in iGO 2006 ... Now it's just a defined color in the scheme color file ... To test this, I propose to you the following scheme that you just need to put it in the content/scheme folder and select it.

    Enjoy Under a blood red sky !

    Euro2008 flags to encourage your team !

    As promised in a previous post about Euro2008, I created 16 glossy flags to put as wallpaper in your iGO8 in order to encourage your favorite team !
    Today the euro football cup begins then you need to download your country flag before the match ;-)

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D

    Enjoy these flags !

    New glossy POI icons !

    I created new square and glossy POI icons to replace the originals one !

    Only download the poi_mapclose.bmp file and put it in your ui_igo8/common folder !
    (just remove the _glossy indication in the filename)

    Updated "TomTom like" skin !

    The "TomTom like" skin was recently updated by his author Glikogliko ... with some bugs correction and now avalable in portrait mode !
    Many thanks to this author for his nice skin and hard work ;-)

    Enjoy TTskin_by_GlikoGliko !

    iGO8_Plus_Plus skin ... with vocal warning !

    Now some skins comprise vocal speedcam warning ... My prefered is the iGO8_Plus_Plus skin, with no other major changes but only this new great feature !
    German F, English F, Russian M/F, French F voices are avalable for the moment ...

    Enjoy this vocal skin iGO8_Plus_Plus !
    Many thanks to his author ... I will work the next days to include it in the artwork-igo8 Ultra skin ...

    Swiss language file ...

    For swiss users of iGO8, a new lang file optimized with QWERTZ keyboard ...

    Enjoy the new Lang_Swiss_Pda !

    EuroFoot 2008 !

    For football fans, the eurofoot 08 logo as background of your iGO8 !

    In the next days, I will propose wallpapers for each country represented at the Euro2008 ;-)

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