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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.5)

A new update of this skin ... One again a great functionality offered by the author of this skin ! Thanks to him for this nice work !
He added detour distance and direction icon to the POI search results when searching for POI's along the route as you can see on the picture below.

Enjoy "iGO8 Ultra" skin 2.5 !

Update : Put BTOnOff.exe in the iGO8 folder on your device (Program Files/iGO8) to add Bluetooth button on the bottom of the "Quick Menu" to switch Bluetooth on/off


Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot. good job again.


Anonymous said...

General question: I want to update to windows mobile 6.1 does iGo 8 will work with this update?



Andy said...

I have a problem with the 'next junction' display (where the roundabouts appear) with roundabouts having a visible pink background when using this skin.

Any ideas?

C&D said...

@ Andy :
Sorry, no idea ...

Carlos said...

Did everything as you told...
put the zip file on the \iGO8\content\skin but loads with the original skin...

I have an HTC Touch GSM (Elf)

Help anyone?


Anonymous said...

It has a small problem this skin , for instance they aren't available in the cruise mode: distance left, time left and arrived hour.
This bug it should be fixed, in rest this skin is the best skin for igo8.

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