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TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v8622.0302)

GlikoGliko updates regularly his skin, then now I include the version number ... The new version is v8622.0302. The main new features are :

  • Choice of 14 different Skin/Panel instead of the standard TT-Blue
  • GPS and Battery meters now added

  • Enjoy TTSkin in version 8622.0302


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much for the nice uploud! keep up the good work with iGo 8 skins.

    PS: is there any iPhone icons for iGo 8?


    C&D said...

    Thanks ka911 ;-)
    I could try to create iPhone icons for iGO8 .. stay tuned !

    Rob said...

    Thanks for sharing the beautifull skin!
    Is it an option to display the current time somewhere?


    quazar said...

    Very nice skin! It's a pitty that the next turn has been replaced by the GPS/battery info though.
    Would be nice if one could choose between the two....

    Anonymous said...

    It´s great. But i have a problem with the alert voices, i cant hear them! How can i associate alert sounds and speedcams by type (ex:how can i hear the fixed 50kph speedcam)?

    (i have several ogg files with various speeds - so where do i put them and how do i setup igo8?)

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