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Skin DJ for iGO Amigo v3.0 !

DJ.Amigo skin by Gurjon and Dvs1 for iGO Amigo.
Resolutions 320x240, 240x320, 480x272, 400x240

Enjoy DJ.Amigo Skin v3.0 ! (23.06.2009)

Changes in v3.0:

The main difference of v.3.0 that you need to install "MortScript" (PDA or PNA).
To use external scripts "amigo.exe" could be anywhere, but directory "utility" should be beside.

1. Revamped button "panic". Now works with "MortScript".
2. Rewritten map changer.
2a. Copy "Teleatlas" maps to the "map" directory.
2b. Copy "NAVTEQ" maps to the "map_nt" directory.
2c. Copy the other maps to the "map_ot" directory.
3.Since Amigo does not work with power management (backlight, volume ...)
on most devices here is try to resolve this problem by direct write
the to registry.

Content of "utility" directory is a part of "DJ.Amigo v.3.0" skin.
File "dj_keys.ini" in this directory must fit for your device and
your needs. You can control all registy's keysr at the time of launch,
exit and switching day/night mode.

Installed Mortscript required.

NB! Path entries in sys.txt with "%SDCARD%" variable not supported.
Please use full real path to memory card, like "\Storage Card\...".

Description of file "dj_keys.ini".
In this file You can write your own registry keys to manage.

In section [startexit] listed keys will be stored before amigo
starts (with DJ.Amigo skin) and keys will be restored on exit.
By adding optional 'start_value' and/or 'exit_value' fields You can
manually set which values will be set during amigo run and on exit.

In section [daynight] listed keys will be modified when day/night
mode switched.
Also these values will be set (depending of time for day or night)
when amigo starts.

Either sections can be enabled/disabled in the DJ settings menu.

4. New GPS port settings.
5. Technical repair.

Enjoy it !

Gurjon skin (6.9p)

New update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 6.9p (2009.06.30)

Added or fixed since last post :

****** 6.8p - 6.9p 2009.06.30 ********

1. Add support 3D cars.
2. Support half-patch "Map Changer"
Copy files in to directories:
2a. Teleatlas -> content/map
2b. navteq -> content/map_nt
2c. Other -> content/map_ot
2d. User -> content/map_us
3. Change signpost "Standart".
4. Technical repairs.

****** 6.7p 2009.06.15 ********

1. Support half-patch "The maximum speed on the last kilometer."
2. Support themechanger with manual change of the weather.
3. Support half-patch "advanced radar". Pose instead half-patch Spidkam.
4. The new configuration of "What to display on the top line." Toggle "following the street" and "destination". The same goes a long press on the top bar.
5. When switching on/off offroad from now a dialogue with three buttons: "replan", "delete", "Cancel". New (first) button, when pressed, making the route from the current status of GPS to the old end point of the line, which moved.
6. New button in the short menu - "Color Profiles".
7. Added the sound settings at startup and exit from the iGO. Name of sound file is written to the switch in the settings.
8. Technical repairs.

****** 6.6p 2009.05.18 ********

1. Corrections to the exact height of tripkomp (become dependent on the settings).
2. Instead, check box on the left at the bottom of the cab - a vehicle icon. Click it - quick menu change the vehicle, including offroad (aircraft).
3. Another type of signpost - the white arrow downward.
4. Sound for changes of speed limit.
5. Purpose of Action for the quick buttons adapted from the switch to the list. Also, long pressing the specific button you can quickly change it.
6. Dial the remaining route while loading iGO.
7. Technical repairs.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 6.9p full pack !

and many thanks to Gurjon for this work ;-)

Download the link and then register
Uploaded.to Premium-Account for 1 Month. - just 5.99 Euro

"iGO Amigo Ultra" skin (v1.0.1)

Enjoy the excellent "Ultra Skin" now on iGO Amigo !


  • The Amigo Ultra Skin adds essential extra functions to iGO Amigo to improve route planning and navigation whilst still retaining the original simple and easy to use interface.
  • Supported resolutions are 480x272, 320x240, 240x320, 640x480 and 480x640 only.

Installation Instructions:

  • Backup the existing "data.gro" file in the "amigo" folder.
  • Backup and then delete all files in the "amigo\save" folder. This is essential to avoid conflicts with any previous installations.
  • Extract the Amigo Ultra Skin "data.gro" file from the download and copy it to the "amigo" folder overwriting the existing file.

Latest Version 1.0.1 Modifications:

  • Fully compatible with the following versions:
    • iGO Amigo Version dated March 12th 2009
    • iGO Amigo Version dated April 8th 2009
  • Fixed: After selecting the "Show" button to display the "Waiting for GPS information panel" the "Hide" button now actually hides the panel in all resolutions.
Enjoy Ultra skin v1.0.1 by Linknet for iGO Amigo !
Many thanks to him for this nice skin ...

Download the link and then register
Uploaded.to Premium-Account for 1 Month. - just 5.99 Euro

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v6.0.22)

New update of the well known iGO8 Ultra skin by Linknet ...
(supported resolutions are 320x240, 240x320, 640x480 and 480x640 only)

Changes in 6.0.22 version:

  • Fully compatible with the following versions:
    • iGO8 PDA Version dated 7th November 2008
    • iGO8 PDA Version dated 25th January 2009
    • iGO8 PDA Version dated 27th April 2009
    • iGO8 PNA Version dated 13th November 2008
  • Fixed: The "Settings ► Pop-Up Info Settings ► Display Visible POI's Only" value was being used globally for all other POI searches. This setting is now restricted to the "Pop-Up Info Panel" only and doesn't affect other POI searches.
Language files updated for 6.0.22 version !
- German PDA or PNA
- Hungarian PDA or PNA

Enjoy Ultra skin v6.0.22 by Linknet !
Many thanks to him for this nice skin ... (Linknet website)

Download the link and then register
Uploaded.to Premium-Account for 1 Month. - just 5.99 Euro

iGO amigo now available in America !

diMka 1.1.16 skin by TomSoft

The existing functions and appearance of the author Dimka was gradually added and modified

+ Tuning of the entire code (any resolution)
+ Modifying the location of some data in the cockpit (any resolution)
+ Adding a new option in settings "TomSoft" for OFF / ON additional information about TMC (any resolution) (thanks Lakvíkovi)
+ Correction of location of all components in the cockpit (any resolution)
+ Add your own transparency options lower data sheet on the roll (400x240)
+ Adding more seats in the cockpit on the bottom bar, where you can begin to plan a route (400x240)

Resolutions supported are : 480x272, 240x320, 320x240, 480x640, 640x480, 240x400, 400x240, 480x800, 800x480 !

Enjoy this nice skin !
diMka 1.1.16 by TomSoft 480x270
diMka 1.1.16 by TomSoft 240x320, 320x240, 480x640, 640x480
diMka 1.1.16 by TomSoft 240x400, 400x240, 480x800, 800x480

and many thanks to TomSoft ...

Download the link and then register
Uploaded.to Premium-Account for 1 Month. - just 5.99 Euro

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