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Gurjon skin (6.9p)

New update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 6.9p (2009.06.30)

Added or fixed since last post :

****** 6.8p - 6.9p 2009.06.30 ********

1. Add support 3D cars.
2. Support half-patch "Map Changer"
Copy files in to directories:
2a. Teleatlas -> content/map
2b. navteq -> content/map_nt
2c. Other -> content/map_ot
2d. User -> content/map_us
3. Change signpost "Standart".
4. Technical repairs.

****** 6.7p 2009.06.15 ********

1. Support half-patch "The maximum speed on the last kilometer."
2. Support themechanger with manual change of the weather.
3. Support half-patch "advanced radar". Pose instead half-patch Spidkam.
4. The new configuration of "What to display on the top line." Toggle "following the street" and "destination". The same goes a long press on the top bar.
5. When switching on/off offroad from now a dialogue with three buttons: "replan", "delete", "Cancel". New (first) button, when pressed, making the route from the current status of GPS to the old end point of the line, which moved.
6. New button in the short menu - "Color Profiles".
7. Added the sound settings at startup and exit from the iGO. Name of sound file is written to the switch in the settings.
8. Technical repairs.

****** 6.6p 2009.05.18 ********

1. Corrections to the exact height of tripkomp (become dependent on the settings).
2. Instead, check box on the left at the bottom of the cab - a vehicle icon. Click it - quick menu change the vehicle, including offroad (aircraft).
3. Another type of signpost - the white arrow downward.
4. Sound for changes of speed limit.
5. Purpose of Action for the quick buttons adapted from the switch to the list. Also, long pressing the specific button you can quickly change it.
6. Dial the remaining route while loading iGO.
7. Technical repairs.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 6.9p full pack !

and many thanks to Gurjon for this work ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to turn on/off the battery indicator in GJ6.6p ? In any screenshot a saw this indicator, but my GJ6.6p skin just displays only the GPS indicator without battery status.
regards, Slaueq
Please mail to mca0001@seznam.cz

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