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"iGO Amigo Ultra" skin (v1.0.1)

Enjoy the excellent "Ultra Skin" now on iGO Amigo !


  • The Amigo Ultra Skin adds essential extra functions to iGO Amigo to improve route planning and navigation whilst still retaining the original simple and easy to use interface.
  • Supported resolutions are 480x272, 320x240, 240x320, 640x480 and 480x640 only.

Installation Instructions:

  • Backup the existing "data.gro" file in the "amigo" folder.
  • Backup and then delete all files in the "amigo\save" folder. This is essential to avoid conflicts with any previous installations.
  • Extract the Amigo Ultra Skin "data.gro" file from the download and copy it to the "amigo" folder overwriting the existing file.

Latest Version 1.0.1 Modifications:

  • Fully compatible with the following versions:
    • iGO Amigo Version dated March 12th 2009
    • iGO Amigo Version dated April 8th 2009
  • Fixed: After selecting the "Show" button to display the "Waiting for GPS information panel" the "Hide" button now actually hides the panel in all resolutions.
Enjoy Ultra skin v1.0.1 by Linknet for iGO Amigo !
Many thanks to him for this nice skin ...

Download the link and then register
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