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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
You can find on this blog wallpaper pictures, colormaps, POI icons and skins to customize your favorite GPS navigator ...

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iGO8 "Kitzie" skin for PNA - 480x272

The "Kitzie" skin includes:

- High screen visibility - virtually transparent, but with clear next turn icons.
- Bold 'next road' at top.
- TMC warning icon (message envelope etc bottom left).
- Clear speedcam warning with clear speedcam distance countdown.
- Easy on the ear speedcam warning.
- Adjustable simulation speed.

- Option to 'block road' from cockpit cursor/ more options...tab.
- Current road speed limit warning sign, with or without voice.
- Plus house numbers also shown in routing.
- Plus a few other useful & cosmetic things that other developers have put together.

Enjoy Kitzie skin for 480x272 !

Picture shown is from Harman Kardon gps 500 running iGo8.
If you have a similar device and you want TMC to work.
Add this to your sys.txt


Also copy over the original TMC files from original nav folder e.g. TMCmodule, TMCplatform,tmceventlist.

Specter "diMka" skin v1.3.11 - 400x240

New update of the Specter version of diMka skin ...

New features added since previous version 1.3.7 :
1.3.8 Minor bugfixes. Added option to display GPS elevation (more accurate) in data fields instead of Navigate.altitude
1.3.9 Sound alert when LaneInfo appears.
1.3.10,11 Bug fixes, optimizations

Enjoy Specter v1.3.11 !

Specter "diMka" skin v1.3.7 - 400x240

Specter version of the nice diMka skin with 320x240 and 400x240 resolution included ...

Enjoy Specter diMka v1.3.7 skin !
If necessary use this data.zip to have the 400x240 resolution ...

Gurjon skin (v2.50)

Update of the Gurjon skin ...
no detail about this update for the moment ...

Enjoy v2.50 !

For those who don't know this skin, some details about the previous version !

1. When, IGO immediately opens a window navigation (map).

2. During driving, when established route, shows the number of homes.

3. When speeding, red figure and symbol of speed recommended speed becomes opaque. (settings: "Setting transparency, speed, turn off tech views. speed ")

4. "Current speed" - tap: rapid menu / lengths. tap: GPS window.

5. When approximations to radars, a sign of the recommended speed radar speed becomes familiar blue.

6. During the movement of bands, bands recommended increased.

7. A small compass - if the route if no route - normal. (In Russian nutria rename file "linear_compass_r.bmp" -> "Linear_compass.bmp")

8. Upper-right corner shows the height, average speed and the path traversed - from TripComputer

(settings: "Only height" / "only TripComputer "/" height and TripComputer ").

9. If tapnut on these figures (8), the open TripComputer,

10. If those figures hold on (8), can be reset TripComputer.

11. Second-hand button on the "menu" - a way out of the program.

12. Used on the button "mouse" - incl. \ Off. Sound.

13. Used on the button "2D/3D" - incl. \ Off. Bluetooth. "BTOnOff.exe" and sound. copy of the directory next to "iGO8.exe".

14. Second-hand button on the "detour", recalculated the route in a circle, different methods. At the button marked with the name of the method.

15. 7 display options shooter (settings: "automatic", "only large, only small, only a large footprint. Pivot", "on the upper bar, near the cursor "," shut down ")

16. Displaying the track record - the red light on the button menu.

17. In the bottom of the screen displayed magnitude 4: "The distance to the goal," "Time to goal," "Time arrival at the goal", "time is now."

(settings: You can select seats goals - the semifinal).

18. "The distance to the goal" - tap: info on itinerary / lengths. tap: editing a route map.

19. "Time to purpose" - tap: route (all turns) / lengths. tap: incl. \ off. Displaying Tripcomp. (remembers when you exit the program).

20. "Time arrival at the objective" - tap: standard speedometer / lengths. tap: changes the display of all three parameters, "distance to the goal,"

"Time until the objectives "and" Time arrival at the goal "at the time and distance to the semifinal and vice versa, while changing the color

of the electoral numbers option. (remembers when you exit the program).

21. "Current Time" - tap: info. TMC / lengths. tap: incl. \ off. Displaying the soles of indicators (remember when you exit program).

22. The menu search added House, Job.

23. Revised route map editing. (key ago, has two functions: tap: navigation / lengths. Tap: back).

24. Remade "quick menu" there are now 12 buttons, added 7.

a. incl. / off. current speed.

b. incl. / off. Trip. Computer.

c. incl. / off. Sole.

d. incl. / off. Sign of the recommended speed.

e. incl. / off. Sign of the no turns, and now shows during the route, temporarily replaced trip. The computer (if included).

f. incl. / off. Zaw bar. Shows and in 3D.

g. incl. / off. Thap on the map "popup info".

25. "Visual menu cards" there 4 pages 3 added.

1. Advanced settings:

a. incl. / off. seconds current time.

b. Options numbers of houses: "at the bottom of the window" / "near the cursor" / "turn off".

c. incl. / off. cursor machine. (not 3D).

d. 7 options indicator of turns.

e. Setting distance visual warning lamps.

2. Advanced settings:

a. Setting transparency bars, top / bottom.

b. Setting transparency soles.

c. Setting the transparency of the recommended speed (not yet exceeded the speed).

d. Setting the transparency of search buttons.

(New!) 3. Options radars:

a. Setting visual display Chambers 3: standard / exceeded only if min.skorost / exceeded permissible only if speed cameras.

b. Setting up the audio signal 4: standard / Only if a new camera or exceeded the speed camera / speed exceeded only if Camera / all the time.

c. The minimum speed, which display less and the signal is switched off automatically.

d. Distance reaction chamber. In order to function normally, set in

"Sys.txt" -> speedcam_max_lookahead = 1000 in the section: [warning]

"System.ini" -> speedcam_max_lookahead = "1000" in the section: [warning]

e. Loudness signal camera.

f. Melody speeding cameras, 7 pc.

g. Melody new camera, 7 pc.

If found eg distance reaction. 300m. then when approaching a cell less than 1000 m. mark the recommended speed will be familiar speed cameras,

the same, if speed is less than mine. speed display. (bug is not well conceived.)

26. Thap on the map "popup info".

27. Zaw bar. Shows and in 3D.

28. Adjusting the sound key (sound settings menu).

29. Setting speeding: "%"," k m / h ".

30. 3D settings.

31. Options bifurcation.

32. Blocking roads.

33. Adjust speed simulations route.

34. Navigation without questions from elected.

diMka skin (v1.3.10) with vocal speedcam warning !

New update of the diMka skin ... and patch for vocal speedcam warning !

Read the installation instructions in the readme file included in the patch.
Use the voice files from Ultra skin previously posted on this blog

Enjoy v1.3.10 !
and patch 2.6 for vocal speedcam warning

Specter "iGO8 Ultra" skin v4.0 - 400x240

Update of the Specter 400x240 skin ... corresponding to the v4.0 Ultra skin ...

Enjoy Specter v4 !

Transparent skin by Micsan ... v4

New update of the transparent skin by Micsan

- for PDA/PNA with resolution 320x240 and PNA with resolution 480X272
- works fine with v31442, v35389 et v41506
- cockpit mode with 5 informations
- adding of transparency
- speedometer with indicator for maximum speed
- digital display of speed by pushing on the speedometer (font digit.ttf necessary)
- inversed vocal speedcam warning (via Csv2asc Splitter)

Enjoy v4 !

zip file including skin, font, utility folder and txt file for installation instructions ...

Specter "iGO8 Ultra" skin - 400x240

This is basically the "iGO8 Ultra" skin version 3.4 with a few modifications..
Currently for 320x240, 400x240, 640x480 and 800x480.

- New compass that sits over the 2D/3D button
- Speeding menu - can switch between percentage and fixed value
- Igo8 goes straight to Map when it starts up and there is an active route
- Tilt settings for Smartzoom settings
- Direction arrows show up on all POI searchs, not just when along a route
- Display house numbers even when routing
- "HOME" button to the FIND screen. (supports clicks to open the first favorite on the map, or long clicks to route to the first favorite)

Enjoy Specter 3.4 skin !

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.0)

Just minor fixes ...

Enjoy v4.0 !

Use the voice files from previous post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.9)

Good improvement of this nice skin for those who have some compatibility problem with this skin ...

24/07/2008 Version 3.9
- Revised to support the latest data.zip file available as of this date.

Enjoy v3.9 !

Use the voice files from previous post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...

diMka skin (v1.3.8)

New update ...

- Minor fixes.
- Added new data field option "GPS elevation".

Enjoy diMka 1.3.8 !

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.8) - updated with lang files

Update of the Ultra skin ... (including v3.6 and skipped v3.7 by the author ...)

22/07/2008 Version 3.8
- Added "Truck" vehicle option. This definitely changes the estimated journey times but I'm not sure if it changes the actual routing. (v3.6)
- Bugfix - "Cursor" and "Detour" buttons in "Map" mode now return to "Map" mode irrespective of "Blue Map Mode" button setting.
- Bugfix - "Place" screen "Map" button now selects map mode irrespective of "Blue Map Mode" button setting.

Enjoy v3.8 !

English UK voice
English US voice
French FR voice + French FR lang
Italian IT voice + Italian IT lang
Dutch NL voice + Dutch BE lang
Polish PL voice
Romanian RO voice
Swedish SW voice + Swedish SW lang

diMka skin (v1.3.6)

Three updates of the nice diMka skin, in Beta version ...


- Activated audio announcement for TMC events. Can be turned off in TMC

- Alternate multi route calculation added. Original multiroute from igo8 is harmfull and removed.

- Added setting for POI visibility in Popup info.

- Implemented changes in original data.zip from April 13 till Jun 24 (only needed to supported resolutions).

Enjoy all of these updates !

New skin by Gurjon ... v2.30

Today for you a new nice skin by Gurjon ...
I have not tried it but the design is pretty good !

Enjoy Gurjon skin v2.30 !
Many thanks to his author ...

For those who want the older versions : v1.70, v2.00, v2.20

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.5)

21/07/2008 Version 3.5
- Added "Start Navigation" button to "Plan on Map" screen in place of "Back" button.

Enjoy v3.5 !

English UK (F/M) voice
English US (F) voice
French (F/M) voice
Italian (F/M) voice

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.4)

New major update of the skin, now with voices in separate folder ...
For the installation :
- Install the Speed Camera Voice files by unzipping the "audio" folder and copying it to the iGO8 folder on the SD Card.
- Install the skin by copying the "iGo8_Ultra.zip" file to the Content/Skin folder, then select it in the application "Skin" menu.

20/07/2008 Version 3.3 + 3.4
- Separate "audio" folder on the SD Card for the Speed Camera Voice files. This folder is now a requirement.
- Option for male and female voice in "audio" folder selectable in the Speed Camera Settings menu.
- The Speed Camera Voice Test Menu timing settings are no longer saved and are for testing only.
- Voice timings are now stored with each voice "audio" folder.
- Option to set default "Find" map mode configured via the "Blue Map Mode" button toggle on the "Find" menu. All "Find" options will now go to the default map mode.

Enjoy v3.4 !
(v3.3 for those who want the intermediate update ...)

English UK (F/M) voice

other voices coming soon (US,FR,IT,RO,SW,NL,PL) ...

diMka skin (v1.3.0 Beta)

Two recent updates of the diMka skin in Beta version


Enjoy !

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.2) updated

New update of the Ultra skin ...

15/07/2008 Version 3.2
- Added option to completely disable audible alerts for each separate category of speed camera, accessible via the "Speed Camera Settings" menu.

Enjoy Ultra skin v3.2 !

original female voice Kate
or male voice Nick

new US english female voice Lucy

and with French voice Julie and new french lang file

new dutch voice Nick

and italian voice (v3.1) Paola voice updated v3.2 and italian lang file

and german Lucy voice

and Ewa polish voice
or Jacek polish voice

and swedish Annika voice and new lang file

"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.1)

New update of the Ultra skin ...

12/07/2008 Version 3.1
- Minor modifications to the speed camera voice settings and separate phrase timings for each voice.

Enjoy Ultra skin v3.1 !
original female voice Kate
new US english female voice Lucy
or male voice Nick
and with French voice Julie

TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v8714.1740)

Last update of the TTSkin by GlikoGliko !
New features are :

  • New Menu structure with a mimic close to the TomTom menu
  • some slight changes in the navigation panel
  • new visual speed alert.

  • Enjoy v8714.1740 of TTSkin by GlikoGliko !

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.0)

    New update of the Ultra skin ...

    11/07/2008 Version 3.0
    - The "Routing Methods" button is now available from the "Plan on Map" screen "Cursor" and Find" buttons "More Options..." menu.
    - The Speed Camera Add/Edit menu now displays the correct units irrespective of the regional units setting (iGO8 bug fix).

    Enjoy Ultra skin v3.0 !
    original female voice Kate
    new female voice Lucy
    or male voice Nick

    Update with French voice

    diMka skin (v1.2.8 Beta)

    I skipped some updates of the diMka skin ... sorry for that, but it seems to be just bug fixes and code cleaning ...

    Enjoy the new v1.2.8 !
    and for testing v1.2.5

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.9)

    New update of the Ultra skin ...

    10/07/2008 Version 2.9
    - Interface cosmetic bug fixes

    Enjoy Ultra skin v2.9 !
    original female voice Kate
    or new male voice Nick

    Transparent skin by Micsan ...

    Same skin as Carbon skin by Micsan, but with transparency mode ...
    New digital display of speedometer.

    Enjoy Trans V2 skin !

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8) - download links updated

    Sorry for the server problem ... now the links are updated and work fine ...
    Go to "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8) topic on this blog.

    Remark : link for New POI icons for US/Canada is also updated

    Bonus : The 400x240 and 800x480 ONLY version of the Ultra 2.8 Kate skin.
    with couple of small changes :
    - Show house numbers even when routing
    - Shows POI diection arrow for all POI searches, not just for pois along route

    Many thanks for your loyalty

    Carbon skin by Micsan !

    A very nice skin by Micsan, with "carbon"aspect, in landscape mode !
    - 6 indications in the cockpit
    - huge nice speedometer !
    - include also vocal warning ...

    Enjoy Carbon V1 skin !

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8)

    Update of the skin appreciated by lot of users ...

    08/07/2008 Version 2.8
    - This may be a possible bug fix for the "pink" direction icon. As far as the author can determine it's an iGO8 problem but this may work around it.

    Enjoy Ultra skin v2.8 !
    original female voice Kate
    or new male voice Nick

    P2.1.1CZ skin updated by Bidru51

    Another skin with lot of options, updated for french users ...
    - vocal warning fully parameterizable (depending of speedcam type)
    - choice of several cockpit modes
    - selection of car or arrow
    - positionning of limit speed display
    Works on 240x320 and 320x240 resolutions with all versions of iGO8 ...

    Enjoy P2.1.1 skin !

    Remark : this skin used a new french lang file included in the zip file ... which must be put in the lang folder of iGO8 and selected in the menu as French V3 ...

    diMka skin (v1.2.0 Beta)

    Beta release of the diMka skin !
    No detail about the update for the moment ...
    Enjoy it !

    New POI icons for US/Canada

    A reader of this blog has made a new list of POI icons for restaurants, banks, car dealers and gas stations for the US and Canada. These icons are all new ... he has done it himself.

    You just have to unzip and put the ui_iGO8 folder in the iGO8 folder.

    Enjoy new POI icons !

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.7)

    Update of the skin appreciated by lot of users ...

    06/07/2008 Version 2.7
    - Added a Speed Camera Voice Test menu to allow easier adaptation to other languages. Accessible via second page of Speed Camera Settings menu. Tap and Hold on the speed camera icons where applicable to adjust the voice phrase timings.
    - Added Pop-Up Info Panel with address and nearby POI's displayed when you click on the map (similar to teddy_b's).
    - 1. Configurable via the Map Screen Settings menu which is also accessible via Tap and Hold on the map menu buttons.
    - 2. Option to display or hide the panel.
    - 3. Option to display only POI's which are enabled and visible on the map.
    - 4. Option to adjust the maximum search radius for POI's displayed in the panel.

    Enjoy Ultra skin v2.7 !
    original female voice Kate
    or new male voice Nick

    update with Romanian voice

    Bidru51 v2.2 skin !

    A nice transparent skin in landscape mode with vocal warning (in french, but also easy to update), new speedcam icons, my glossy POI icons, and (nice Mini Cooper car ... sorry for this mistake in my original post ... you need to use the car model from the car collection posted on this blog) !

    Enjoy this Bidru51 skin !

    diMka skin (v1.1.13) updated

    A new update of this well known russian skin ...

    Enjoy v1.1.13 !

    Dellableu skin for french users ... but also for others ;-)

    A nice skin with vocal warning in french but easy to update in other languages ... with speedometer. Works fine with 240x320, 320x240 and 480x272 resolutions on all iGO8 versions !

    Enjoy Dellableu skin !

    Car brands wallpapers ...

    Someone sent me these four wallpapers for iGO8 ... I share them for you ;-)

    "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.6)

    Last update of this great skin ... including now vocal warning for speedcam alerts !

    01/07/2008 Version 2.6
    - Added speed and section camera voice alerts with working overspeed alarms:
    - 1. Configurable via Settings -> Warnings -> Speed Camera Settings -> Audible Warning -> Advanced.
    - 2. Optional voice alerts in mph or kph dependant on regional units setting. Note that the regional setting must match the map you are using.
    - 3. Configurable advance audible alert distance for speed cameras with range of 300 to 800 metres.
    - 4. Overspeed warning tone alert at 200 metres if over the speed camera limit.
    - 5. Overspeed warning tone alert if the average section speed exceeds the section camera speed limit.
    - 6. Optional beep while approaching a speed camera or whilst section camera mode is active.
    - 7. Adjustable voice and beep alert volume via slider. Note that in landscape mode this is on the sound settings page.
    - 8. Tap the active speed camera icon to toggle between: All Beeps On - Warning Beep reduced to Normal Beep - All Beeps Off.
    - 9. Tap and Hold an active section camera icon to terminate the current active section. For use when end of section camera is not detected.

    Enjoy it : Ultra Skin v2.6 !

    Or the modded one Ultra Skin v2.6 with the green/red lane arrows and the better visible nightheightmap.

    New Dutch voice updated ...

    The author discovered some issues when leaving a highway. Corrected that.
    You get an announcement at 3 km. before the exit. Therafter at 300 meters.
    And that all without the 'Bereid u voor... ' (Prepare for...) in front of the announcement.

    Updated version of Dutch voice

    diMka skin (v1.1.10 or v1.1.11 for testing)

    New update of this nice skin by Dimka, with addition of Quick POI search (radius - 19000 km) and directions for more POI groups and queries.
    Once again, only 240x320 and 320x240 resolutions ...

    Enjoy v1.1.10 !

    Or v1.1.11 at your own risk !
    "Basic/user/normal mode removed to free some memory.
    Several bugs fixed but may be lot of new.
    To many commands, layers, states, scripts and objects removed.
    Need testing. "

    New Dutch voice ...

    An iGO8 user gave me a new voice file ...

    He made some tweaks to the Dutch Marieke v1.3 voice of iGO 8. This voice had some nasty mistakes in it. He deleted some audio files so you don't hear 'bereid u voor op' (Prepare for...).
    And he made some changes to the commands.csv file, because some sentences were not right in Dutch. This file sounds much better than the original one.

    "I hope I can help other Dutch users with this file." as he said ...

    Many thanks to him for this contribution ;-)

    Enjoy the new Dutch voice !

    diMka skin (v1.1.9)

    A new nice skin, with lot of features, transparency, coming from russia : diMka !
    Only 240x320 and 320x240 resolutions.

    Enjoy it ! (v1.1.6)

    Updates : v1.1.7, v1.1.9

    ITN Converter : a nice tool for your planned roads !

    Today, I proposed you a very good tool to manage your itinaries. You can plan or convert an itinary with ITN Converter and directly export it as .kml file in your folder content/userdata/route ...
    ITN Converter contains an advanced editor, allowing searches for addresses and route planning with several stages. This editor uses Google Maps for mapping and research.

    Enjoy ITN Converter 1.63 !

    ITN Converter can open the following types :
    - Autoroute Express (.axe, .axg)
    - Streets & Trips (.est)
    - MapPoint (.ptm)
    - MapSource (.gdb, .mps)
    - TomTom 3, 5 & 6, Go, Rider, One (.itn, .ov2)
    - Navigon MN|4, MN|5 & MN|6 (.rte)
    - Destinator PN (.dat)
    - Marco Polo, Falk Navigator, Motorrad Tourenplaner & OnRoute (.bcr)
    - GPS eXchange (.gpx)
    - GPX MapSource (.gpx)
    - Garmin PCX5 (CartoExploreur) (.rte)
    - Magellan SD (Meridian et eXplorist) (.rte, .upt)
    - ViaMichelin (.xvm)
    - IGN Rando (.rdn)
    - OziExplorer (.rte)
    - OziExplorer CE (.rt2)
    - Google Earth (.kml)
    - CSV (Longitude,Latitude,Commens)

    ITN Converter can export to :
    - Autoroute Express (.axe)
    - TomTom 3, 5 & 6, Go, Rider, One (.itn)
    - Navigon MN|4, MN|5 & MN|6 (.rte)
    - Destinator PN (.dat)
    - Marco Polo, Falk Navigator, Motorrad Tourenplaner & OnRoute (.bcr)
    - GPS eXchange (.gpx)
    - GPX MapSource (.gpx)
    - Garmin PCX5 (CartoExploreur) (.rte)
    - Magellan SD (Meridian et eXplorist) (.rte)
    - ViaMichelin (.xvm)
    - IGN Rando (.rdn)
    - OziExplorer (.rte)
    - OziExplorer CE (.rt2)
    - XML Location (.loc)
    - Google Earth (.kml)
    - CSV (Longitude,Latitude,Comments)

    artwork-iGO8.blogspot.com is in no way affiliated with NavNGo Inc.

    All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
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