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Gurjon skin (v2.50)

Update of the Gurjon skin ...
no detail about this update for the moment ...

Enjoy v2.50 !

For those who don't know this skin, some details about the previous version !

1. When, IGO immediately opens a window navigation (map).

2. During driving, when established route, shows the number of homes.

3. When speeding, red figure and symbol of speed recommended speed becomes opaque. (settings: "Setting transparency, speed, turn off tech views. speed ")

4. "Current speed" - tap: rapid menu / lengths. tap: GPS window.

5. When approximations to radars, a sign of the recommended speed radar speed becomes familiar blue.

6. During the movement of bands, bands recommended increased.

7. A small compass - if the route if no route - normal. (In Russian nutria rename file "linear_compass_r.bmp" -> "Linear_compass.bmp")

8. Upper-right corner shows the height, average speed and the path traversed - from TripComputer

(settings: "Only height" / "only TripComputer "/" height and TripComputer ").

9. If tapnut on these figures (8), the open TripComputer,

10. If those figures hold on (8), can be reset TripComputer.

11. Second-hand button on the "menu" - a way out of the program.

12. Used on the button "mouse" - incl. \ Off. Sound.

13. Used on the button "2D/3D" - incl. \ Off. Bluetooth. "BTOnOff.exe" and sound. copy of the directory next to "iGO8.exe".

14. Second-hand button on the "detour", recalculated the route in a circle, different methods. At the button marked with the name of the method.

15. 7 display options shooter (settings: "automatic", "only large, only small, only a large footprint. Pivot", "on the upper bar, near the cursor "," shut down ")

16. Displaying the track record - the red light on the button menu.

17. In the bottom of the screen displayed magnitude 4: "The distance to the goal," "Time to goal," "Time arrival at the goal", "time is now."

(settings: You can select seats goals - the semifinal).

18. "The distance to the goal" - tap: info on itinerary / lengths. tap: editing a route map.

19. "Time to purpose" - tap: route (all turns) / lengths. tap: incl. \ off. Displaying Tripcomp. (remembers when you exit the program).

20. "Time arrival at the objective" - tap: standard speedometer / lengths. tap: changes the display of all three parameters, "distance to the goal,"

"Time until the objectives "and" Time arrival at the goal "at the time and distance to the semifinal and vice versa, while changing the color

of the electoral numbers option. (remembers when you exit the program).

21. "Current Time" - tap: info. TMC / lengths. tap: incl. \ off. Displaying the soles of indicators (remember when you exit program).

22. The menu search added House, Job.

23. Revised route map editing. (key ago, has two functions: tap: navigation / lengths. Tap: back).

24. Remade "quick menu" there are now 12 buttons, added 7.

a. incl. / off. current speed.

b. incl. / off. Trip. Computer.

c. incl. / off. Sole.

d. incl. / off. Sign of the recommended speed.

e. incl. / off. Sign of the no turns, and now shows during the route, temporarily replaced trip. The computer (if included).

f. incl. / off. Zaw bar. Shows and in 3D.

g. incl. / off. Thap on the map "popup info".

25. "Visual menu cards" there 4 pages 3 added.

1. Advanced settings:

a. incl. / off. seconds current time.

b. Options numbers of houses: "at the bottom of the window" / "near the cursor" / "turn off".

c. incl. / off. cursor machine. (not 3D).

d. 7 options indicator of turns.

e. Setting distance visual warning lamps.

2. Advanced settings:

a. Setting transparency bars, top / bottom.

b. Setting transparency soles.

c. Setting the transparency of the recommended speed (not yet exceeded the speed).

d. Setting the transparency of search buttons.

(New!) 3. Options radars:

a. Setting visual display Chambers 3: standard / exceeded only if min.skorost / exceeded permissible only if speed cameras.

b. Setting up the audio signal 4: standard / Only if a new camera or exceeded the speed camera / speed exceeded only if Camera / all the time.

c. The minimum speed, which display less and the signal is switched off automatically.

d. Distance reaction chamber. In order to function normally, set in

"Sys.txt" -> speedcam_max_lookahead = 1000 in the section: [warning]

"System.ini" -> speedcam_max_lookahead = "1000" in the section: [warning]

e. Loudness signal camera.

f. Melody speeding cameras, 7 pc.

g. Melody new camera, 7 pc.

If found eg distance reaction. 300m. then when approaching a cell less than 1000 m. mark the recommended speed will be familiar speed cameras,

the same, if speed is less than mine. speed display. (bug is not well conceived.)

26. Thap on the map "popup info".

27. Zaw bar. Shows and in 3D.

28. Adjusting the sound key (sound settings menu).

29. Setting speeding: "%"," k m / h ".

30. 3D settings.

31. Options bifurcation.

32. Blocking roads.

33. Adjust speed simulations route.

34. Navigation without questions from elected.


Anonymous said...

This is the best skin, but no warning radars diffence off fix and mobil

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the nice share..


wacky said...

Very nice skin!! However I was not comfortable with the hard-coded 24 hrs format on screen, so I have adjusted that (with all due respect to developer). As a "side-effect" the seconds option of the current time is gone (perhaps seconds are not needed unless one is racing ;-) I've changed the "car" with a truck, u can change it by unzipping the contents, and putting your favourite BMP as ./ui_igo8/common/my_car.bmp (look at car collection at http://artwork-igo8.blogspot.com/search/label/car%20collection ) and Re-zipping it (MUST not change the directory structure!!) Download at: http://uploaded.to/?id=nqi7qn

RSR said...

Please give option to remove GPS time and linear compass on top when no route is entered.

Also, if you could reduce the bottom bar size in non-routing mode, that would be great too.


histoire en photos said...

thank you very much for this very nice skin. This is your skin that i use every day ;-)
Should be possible to have voice alert for the mobile aud fix radar like "igo8 Ultra"?

Anonymous said...

I found a Gujon skin with radars alert gj230allargata.zip here:

If anymore understand Italian ? Thanks to download and share it !

NickFrench said...

Hello Thank you for this blog...Very good Blog with near all the skin of IGO 8...

For Gujon it s the best skin...I try a lot and this one is the skin for IGO...
All is in this skin if you have TMC it s the only one who keep in memory your TMC hard.

And More and more...

Vi said...

Correct author name: gurjon - not gujon

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