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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.8) - updated with lang files

Update of the Ultra skin ... (including v3.6 and skipped v3.7 by the author ...)

22/07/2008 Version 3.8
- Added "Truck" vehicle option. This definitely changes the estimated journey times but I'm not sure if it changes the actual routing. (v3.6)
- Bugfix - "Cursor" and "Detour" buttons in "Map" mode now return to "Map" mode irrespective of "Blue Map Mode" button setting.
- Bugfix - "Place" screen "Map" button now selects map mode irrespective of "Blue Map Mode" button setting.

Enjoy v3.8 !

English UK voice
English US voice
French FR voice + French FR lang
Italian IT voice + Italian IT lang
Dutch NL voice + Dutch BE lang
Polish PL voice
Romanian RO voice
Swedish SW voice + Swedish SW lang


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this skin. I would use it, if it had a Speedometer like the Dellableu skin has.
Dutch male voice isn't Dutch, but English, btw.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your work.
I'm using your skin but I would appreciate a speedometer, too!
With this missing functionality added, it would be perfect!

Anonymous said...


AGAIN NOT WORK!!! Why? Help please!!

why skin works for my by half?

I see advanced options for warnings, POI, vehicle select "truck" etc. But in "map" mode with portrait/landscape screen see original IGO8 skin (screen is still same, why?) , why not ULTRA SKIN?

I tried it with IGO 8 versions - ; ; with original data.zip file

I tried too with PDA and PNA version with HTC Kaiser

CAN SOMEBODY UPLOAD ME DATA.ZIP file which working with that nice ULTRA SKIN?

Thanks for your help, Boda

Anonymous said...


I have the same problem as Boda has. I see all the new options, but in the map I have the original skin without any speedcam warnins. Do I have to modify the data.zip?
Thanks for your help

Adrian said...

Will you create Romanian_RO_lang, too?

Anonymous said...

is possible to obtain this skin with the resolution 400x240

Anonymous said...

Just to add my input, I'd prefer NOT to have a Speedometer. I have found as I am sure you have too that it is normally 2mph slow compared to the Cars Speedo. Therfor I percieve it as not entirely accurate.

I like the simplicity/cleanliness of the Ultra Skin when driving, since it IS the map and the directions that are important to me.

We already have Trip overspeed warning, the visual prompt that you are over the speed limit, and the voice alarm.

If you choose to include one then please make it an option to display or not.


Carlos said...

I agree with Peter.
I use this skin because in the map mode, almost the entire screen is map, which I think is the most important factor in GPS (take as an example someone using 240x320 or 320x240).

Although a speedmeter would look really cool, I think that if you create this, include an on/off option.

Btw, is it possible to have the binocular icon smaller in map mode?

thx, great work!


Anonymous said...

To see te skin. Tap left below. There is a new button. Tap on it...

Anonymous said...

i need it in german voice and language

Anonymous said...

Excellent..... Threw me at first.... Click where the Battery & Satellite indicators are, you will see 6 options tap the top left to initaite 'Full screen/Wide Screen' Mode.

Excellent, obvious really LOL :-)


Anonymous said...

@adrian lang RO updated for Ultra skin http://rapidshare.com/files/131780078/Lang_Romanian_Pda.zip.html

Xerses72 said...

Updated Italian language compatible with Ultra Skin with some original dictionary bugs fixed you can download from here:



Anonymous said...

An option to display a Speedometer would not be difficult. The Dellableu skin has one.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain how to install this? I put it on content/skin where do I put the audio? when i start up it says ERROR CANNOT FIND audio/time_delay blah blah

C&D said...

That's explained in a previous post :

Nacho said...

Great work, thank you!!

Does anybody know where to get spanish language files?


Anonymous said...

where can i find turkish sound files for this?

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