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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8)

Update of the skin appreciated by lot of users ...

08/07/2008 Version 2.8
- This may be a possible bug fix for the "pink" direction icon. As far as the author can determine it's an iGO8 problem but this may work around it.

Enjoy Ultra skin v2.8 !
original female voice Kate
or new male voice Nick


Anonymous said...

All the ultra skin has a bug , in my case ( on a mio p350), even with this version2.8, i can't see the sky, the view point is to high, and i can't see to much on a large distance.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, uploaded seems to be broken at the moment so I can't download this great skin :-(

tjaen said...

Hi, Is there any possibility to also get this great skin in 400_240 mode?

I have tried changing some stuff on my own but I could not get it to work ;-(

Anonymous said...

Take 2.7, it's the same

Anonymous said...

very good job,

work fine on mio 269

Anonymous said...

To fix the bug where you can't see the sky, at this to your sys.txt file.


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