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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.6)

Last update of this great skin ... including now vocal warning for speedcam alerts !

01/07/2008 Version 2.6
- Added speed and section camera voice alerts with working overspeed alarms:
- 1. Configurable via Settings -> Warnings -> Speed Camera Settings -> Audible Warning -> Advanced.
- 2. Optional voice alerts in mph or kph dependant on regional units setting. Note that the regional setting must match the map you are using.
- 3. Configurable advance audible alert distance for speed cameras with range of 300 to 800 metres.
- 4. Overspeed warning tone alert at 200 metres if over the speed camera limit.
- 5. Overspeed warning tone alert if the average section speed exceeds the section camera speed limit.
- 6. Optional beep while approaching a speed camera or whilst section camera mode is active.
- 7. Adjustable voice and beep alert volume via slider. Note that in landscape mode this is on the sound settings page.
- 8. Tap the active speed camera icon to toggle between: All Beeps On - Warning Beep reduced to Normal Beep - All Beeps Off.
- 9. Tap and Hold an active section camera icon to terminate the current active section. For use when end of section camera is not detected.

Enjoy it : Ultra Skin v2.6 !

Or the modded one Ultra Skin v2.6 with the green/red lane arrows and the better visible nightheightmap.


Carlos said...

tried to install but when I click on the map a fatal error appears and then closes.

I have iGO 8 on HTC Touch GSM (Elf)



Anonymous said...

UPGRADE your IGO to a new version ...

Adrian said...

When we have a Romanian voice ?

C&D said...

@ Adrian :

Create it ! It's not very hard ...

Anonymous said...

Again, neither in this version I don't have available those 3 things : distance left, time left, and another thing.

Adrian said...

Great. How can I create it?
And how can I create a clear voice, like Voice_Rom-…?

Adrian said...

Buy the way… Can you add transparency?

Anonymous said...

I just love this skin, will try this new version!

2 hats said...

just upgraded to v 8.0.041506 none of the ULTRA skins work with this version. Love the skin...

mi said...

beside http://uploaded.to/ can u post in another server?

Noruas said...

désolé en Français:

je suis retourné à la version 2.5:
- plus la limite de vitesse de la route ainsi que la vitesse actuelle.
- la voix des annonces radars en langue étrangère (impossible de la changer).
- beaucoup de menus sont apparus en anglais.
- un mode transparent serait le bienvenu.

autrement le mode panoramique est vraiment très pratique.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the sky with all the ultra skin's in 3d mode, the sky is available just in default skin in my case. Maybe in v2.7 it will be fixed. Thank you.

snowy said...

can someone help me install ultra skin v 2.6
my unit keeps crashing
I have a Nav N Go 2006

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