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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8) - download links updated

Sorry for the server problem ... now the links are updated and work fine ...
Go to "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.8) topic on this blog.

Remark : link for New POI icons for US/Canada is also updated

Bonus : The 400x240 and 800x480 ONLY version of the Ultra 2.8 Kate skin.
with couple of small changes :
- Show house numbers even when routing
- Shows POI diection arrow for all POI searches, not just for pois along route

Many thanks for your loyalty


Renaud said...


Will you release a 480*272 version for pna ?



tjaen said...

Thanks a lot for the 400x240! Great.

Booce said...

I love the skin especially the speedcam warnings, but I really would like a transparent cockpit so I can see more map whilst driving. Any chance of this? Great site by the way. Any chance of a FAQ on how we can change/modify/create our own IGO8 skins?

Well done and keep up the good work

Noruas said...

probably the best skin, with a lot of choices in the settings, but, how to make the speedcam voice in French please ?

C&D said...

@ Noruas :
Take another skin with french voices, and modify the audio file in the skin .zip file ...

Anonymous said...

ALL the ultra skins has a quite bad inteligent zoom, the best view is in default skin. It's quite hard to notice that.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the skin Ultra 2.8 400x240.
But there ise a bug on the interface map (in bottom on the right)
I believe that you corrected it on the vesrion Ultra skin 2.9 320x240

Can you correct it on the version 400x240

Thank you

Best Regards

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