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diMka skin (v1.1.9)

A new nice skin, with lot of features, transparency, coming from russia : diMka !
Only 240x320 and 320x240 resolutions.

Enjoy it ! (v1.1.6)

Updates : v1.1.7, v1.1.9


Anonymous said...

For me it is the perfect skin, better than all the others I used.
But there is already a new version of this skin.
You can find it here



Anonymous said...

Using ver 1.1.7. Love the skin, but there is a bug...
When setting speedcam to warn "when approacing" it works fine. After an iGo restart the speedcam warning is reset to "when speeding" and this never makes a sound. So every time I start iGo I have to set the speedcam warning... Can this be overridden in the sys.txt file?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, it was my sys.txt that was overriding the settings in the GUI. False alarm, not a bug :-)

Anonymous said...

Great skin!

What means the green dot on the bottom in the right corner?

C&D said...

I don't know ...

Anonymous said...

can you please upload the new version 1.18. I read there is a new version, but I haven't any access to this website.

Anonymous said...

Green dot means, that there is no track recording in progress. Red means oposit.

Anonymous said...

thank you "iGO Guru" :D I like it alot with the new 1.1.9, I have more visibility on my screen.


Jan said...

I installed version 1.1.9 and was very impressed. This is almost the ultimate skin. Thanks very much.
Are you planning a 480_272 extension? I realy hope so

C&D said...

I'm not the author of this skin ... thus I don't know if a skin with 480x272 resolution is in progress ... I hope too for you ;-)
If I find , i will upload it on this blog, then come back later !

Anonymous said...

Here a new updatelink to 1.1.10




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