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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.9)

Good improvement of this nice skin for those who have some compatibility problem with this skin ...

24/07/2008 Version 3.9
- Revised to support the latest data.zip file available as of this date.

Enjoy v3.9 !

Use the voice files from previous post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...


Anonymous said...

Really thank you for your help and update!!!! .....

But for me STILL NOT WORK :-( Works only your modifications for warnings, car type, POIs.... but map screen still same as original IGO8 :-(

My version is ; data.zip (9 376 724 B)

Any ideas? What can I do?

Thanks, Boda

Anonymous said...


Click where the Battery & Satellite indicators are, you will see 6 options now Volume, Night Mode etc. Tap the top left one which looks like the iGO8 map screen it should then be highlighted, click back to see the Ultra Skin's 'Full screen/Wide Screen' Mode.


Anonymous said...

please make for us a new versione of ultra skin for 400x240 resolution

C&D said...

See the new post http://artwork-igo8.blogspot.com/2008/07/specter-igo8-ultra-skin-400x240.html !

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem as Boda. When I click the Battery&Satellite indicators, I see only five options, the volume is centered on the top, below a clapperboard and some buildings (I think), then the night mode and a symbol for the vehicle.
What am I doing wrong?
BTW: I'm working with version
Thanks, Roland

Anonymous said...

Now I can see the sixth button. The problem was: I'm working in portrait-mode, but the sixth button is only available in landscape-mode.
Is it possible to activate all ultra-skin-options in portrait-mode also?
Thanks Roland

Anonymous said...

Excellent news Roland,

I'm hoping that this has been Boda's problem all along and he will be able to switch mode and initiate the 6th button also.

I have a 320 x 240 PNA so forget that this runs in other formats despite seeing the resolutions posted.

Just loaded Ultra Skin V4.0 myself, all is well running

All the best

Anonymous said...


problem is solved with landscape mode, in battery & signal indicators is 6 buttons, one of looks like picture (map screen) to switch for ULTRA SKIN.

For me is problem still same, I need portrait mode, there isn't that button :-(

So, I thank Petter for his answer, thanks Boda

Anonymous said...

Boda, Great news that you have now sussed the Portrait/Landscape mode. Thanks to Roland who 'spotted' that one.

As C&D said...
See the new post http://artwork-igo8.blogspot.com/2008/07/specter-igo8-ultra-skin-400x240.html !

It looks like this has the Portrait modes you are looking for.

Good Luck!

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