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TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v8714.1740)

Last update of the TTSkin by GlikoGliko !
New features are :

  • New Menu structure with a mimic close to the TomTom menu
  • some slight changes in the navigation panel
  • new visual speed alert.

  • Enjoy v8714.1740 of TTSkin by GlikoGliko !


    Anonymous said...

    I like the earlier version better with the streetname transparant at the top.
    But youre doing a great job and the skin is nice.
    The new menu structure is much easier, But I use the older one.
    Do you know if the Arrow can be changed to a bmp of a car?
    And How?

    Frank Leenders The Netherlands

    Anonymous said...

    Still the same old problem : I change the language of the speedcameras alert to spanish, but when i start again the program (Igo) the language returns to "deactivated".
    Please Gliko, where is the problem?

    Anyway, it's a fine Skin! I'll give you 99% when you correct the bug.

    C&D said...

    @ frank leenders :

    Use the car collection detailled in this post : http://artwork-igo8.blogspot.com/search/label/car%20collection

    Anonymous said...

    I Have tried everything but 3dcars doesn't work.
    I've changed everything what had to be changed. First in the Data.zip of Igo and later I've changed the data.zip of the TTskin.
    The only thing I can Think about is the Sys.txt file.
    Where must I give the changes and which Sys.txt file do I have to change.

    Frank Leenders The Netherlands

    Anonymous said...

    3Dcars works in my Igo8 but not together with the TTskin.Have put the car.bmp in the data .zip in the directory IGO8 and also in the data.zip from TTskin.
    Sys.txt is changed in the IGO8 directory.In The following way:


    What did I do wrong?

    Frank Leenders The Netherlands

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! Very nice job each release is better than the previous one.
    It is my favorite Skin.
    I've got the same trouble as said before : My setting for speedcam alert (french) is never saved so that it's necessary to set again each time I start iGO.
    Hope this'll be corrected in the next release.
    Thanks ... Dominique ... France

    Anonymous said...

    My Machine show
    FFUIERROR:Parser error

    Please tell me. Thanks

    Anonymous said...

    Is tmc working in this version?

    Anonymous said...

    For memorize the last setting speedcamera lenguaje look in UI_igo8--common--UI--model_variables.ui
    and change the line "var tmpSpeedcamWarningLangType"
    "var tmpSpeedcamWarningLangType=0 registermodel permanent"

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for your solution.
    It's ok now.
    Hope it'll not be necessary to do the same on each release ...

    Anonymous said...

    after starting-TT skin don't right show lines direction (like standart) and signals cameras working to right or not(this is bug!)
    Nessery to do !!!

    rubin said...


    I have installed this TT skin, but seems nothing happened. It display an original iGO skin. But I overwrited original files in folders as its described in Glikos readme file.

    Whats wrong? Thx for advice.

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