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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
You can find on this blog wallpaper pictures, colormaps, POI icons and skins to customize your favorite GPS navigator ...

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New colors for original POI icons !

Today, I created 4 new colors for the original POI icons ... Enjoy this new colors with your favorite background ;-)

Download it and put it in the folder ui_igo8/common and rename the .bmp file without any color indication ...

"TomTom like" skin ;-)

For those who prefer the Tomtom appearence, but who want use the power of the 3D view offered by iGO8, enjoy this "Tomtom like" skin ! ... Thanks to his author ... only landscape mode for the moment ...

Enjoy it !

VladaS skin updated ...

The VladaS skin presented in an old topic was updated by his author ... Thanks to him, to do this work for having a nice soft skin ...

VladaS v16

New Ultra skin customized ...

I found a very nice skin "iGO 8 Ultra Skin" on many forum ... This skin provides extra functions to iGO 8 which I thought were useful for route planning and ease of use ...

I updated this skin by including the following features that I found very useful (only for portrait mode) :
* dayheightcolormap and nightheightcolormap that I have created and presented on this blog ;-)
* always visible speedlimit
* current speed
* new road calculation method "panorama" (see below for more explainations)

I hope that you appreciate this new skin, and many thanks to the author of the orginal "Ultra Skin" !

Enjoy artwork-igo8 Ultra 1 !!!

and if you want the original iGO8 Ultra Skin and the features documentation ...

Panorama mode :
I don't know how is really calculated the road with "panorama" ... but in a region with mountain, the proposed road with this option is a good optimisation of the road with highways and mountain roads ... and not fully highway like proposed by other options with a very longer distance ...

Car collection !

Thanks to ekolab the author of this topic which proposed to replace arrow icon with car icon of your choice. :-)

* More than 250 car of your choice
* All real view
* For now, only for screen resolution 240x320, 320x240, 480x272
* Works only in 3D
* In 2D its just to replace the day- and night arrow with a picture of the car.

Download Instructions:

1) Download file 3dAutos.zip on you computer, and unzip him.
2) Chose the xx.BMP file you like the best.
3) Rename the xx.BMP you like the best to 3dauto.bmp
4) Copy data.zip to your iGO8 folder, replace old data.zip
5) Edit "sys.txt" file, add this lines settings
6) Got to Settings in iGo8, then to second screen Menu settings. and click on *3D Car Icon by Ecolab*
7) Restar the iGO8 program

* For 240x320 screen resolution
1) 3Dcar.zip put in folder \content\skin *do not unziped him*
2) copy 3dauto.bmp in folders \ui_igo8\240_320 and in folder \ui_igo8\240_320\night
if these folders doesn't exist just create it !

* For 320x240 screen resolution
1) 3Dcar320.zip put in folder \content\skin *do not unziped him*
2) copy 3dauto.bmp in folders \ui_igo8\320_240 and in folder \ui_igo8\320_240\night
if these folders doesn't exist just create it !

* For 480x2720 screen resolution
1) 3Dcar480.zip put in folder \content\skin *do not unziped him*
2) copy 3dauto.bmp in folders \ui_igo8\480_272 and in folder \ui_igo8\480_272\night
if these folders doesn't exist just create it !

You can chosse The .BMP file you like, and change it when you like,
just replace 3dauto.bmp with new renamed file
Soon this will be available in more screen resolutions

New lite skin ... including my daycolormap !

Thanks to the author of VladaS, he uses my daycolormap into his skin !!!


Merry Chrismas !

Oups ! :~(
It's not yet Chrismas time, but I hope that this gift will make you happy !
Winter is here and snow has fallen from 900 meters altitude ... You need a nice winter colormap to go to your favorite ski resort !!!

Compare the spring colormap and the new winter colormap ...

Enjoy winter-dayheightcolormap.bmp to go skiing !

New skins ...

New soft skins, with only speedometer, speedlimit, house numbers and nice POI icons (portrait or landscape mode)...

Many thanks to Amy for this skin.
Amy skin

Many thanks to Dokky for this skin.
Dokky skin

New colormap for the night !

Because the original nightcolormap is sometime to much dark to see the 3D relief, I created a new one directly inspired from the daycolormap2 with smooth grey gradients ...

On the left the old nightcolormap and on the right the new one ...

Enjoy nightheightcolormap.bmp for your night travels !

Loading.jpg ... from another forum ...

Someone indicated me a forum with some nice loading pictures ... thanks !


Then I have more time to create new colormaps ;-) ... stay tuned !

New colormap 2 ... optimized for the beach !

Yellow from 0 to 5 meters, this green from 5 meters to this green at 100 meters.
The result on left compared to my previous colormap on right ...

Many thanks to the man who suggested me to improve the color for low altitude countries ... now the sand is only on the beach !!!

Enjoy dayheightcolormap2.bmp (don't forget to rename the file without 2)

6 new various wallpapers for today ...

New enhanced colormap !

I tried to improve the colormap of our favorite GPS soft !
because I find that the default colormap is not very realistic ...

I'd like to clarify that I have optimized the colormap for western europe , particularly the areas around the Alps. It may be that some colors are not very realistic for other countries ... if so, tell me, I can easily optimize it depending on your country if you give me the tendancy colors for each major altitude ...

At 0 meter altitude close to the beach ...
Old color without sand :-( on the left ... and nice new color on the right !

At 500 meters altitude in a nice green valley ...
Old color ... and new optimised color coresponding to the real nature !

At 1000 meters altitude ... mid-mountain
Old color seems desertic region ... while new color represents a beautiful fir-tree forest characteristic of this altitude !

At 2000 meters altitude ... high mountain and view of the valley ...
Old color without vegetation ... and nice new color more realistic !

Enjoy new dayheightcolormap.bmp for free !
To change the 3D colormap , just put the dayheightcolormap.bmp file in the folder ui_igo8/common

And my next work is to optimize this colormap for each season !
With a lot of snow on mountains for the winter and yellow-red-brun forests for the automn ...

Watch this blog regularly !

Skins !

To satisfy the people who voted on the blog ... ;-)
I'm not the author of the following skins ... thanks to the authors for the acceptance of the publication on this blog.

New update 20.05.2008 !


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