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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
You can find on this blog wallpaper pictures, colormaps, POI icons and skins to customize your favorite GPS navigator ...

Leave me all your remarks, questions or suggestions at :

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Corx said...

Great blog!

Very nice wall papers!

It's possible to use some of them in 320x240 mode by rotating and putting them into ui_igo8/320_240/background folder. Don't forget to delete the .jpg marking.

C&D said...


You are right ! but you don't need to delete .jpg marking ... you need to click on the wallpaper of your interest and the picture opened in a new tab is directly with .bmp marking and with full resolution (otherwise your picture is in 150x200) ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it opens in a new tab, but if I save it to my HDD, it's converted to *.jpg. This happend yesterday.

Today it works - I don't know what I made false last day. All downloaded files have had the mariking "bmp.jpg", so I have had to delete "jpg".

Well, now everything is allright.

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