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At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board !
You can find on this blog wallpaper pictures, colormaps, POI icons and skins to customize your favorite GPS navigator ...

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Anonymous said...

Ca c'est le special domi's

Anonymous said...

Can't get my new dl background to work, i've tried the ui_igo8/background/240_320 on my SD card, inside the igo8 folder, inside the igo8/content/ folder... Non of the paths is right.... I'm using the latest available version of iGO8!

Please help me out!!


C&D said...

You don't read right :-)

You need to put the background in the folder ui_igo8/240_320/background
in the main folder of igo ...
Thus iGO8/ui_igo8/240_320/background on your memory card !

Anonymous said...

You will find the directory searched in the DATA.ZIP at the same place !

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