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diMka skin (v1.3.10) with vocal speedcam warning !

New update of the diMka skin ... and patch for vocal speedcam warning !

Read the installation instructions in the readme file included in the patch.
Use the voice files from Ultra skin previously posted on this blog

Enjoy v1.3.10 !
and patch 2.6 for vocal speedcam warning


Anonymous said...

C'est dommage qu'il ne supporte pas encore les alertes vocales en Français !

J'espère que c'est pour bientôt et ce serait super.

Merci en tout cas pour ce skin DiMka particulièrement réussi !

C&D said...

Il suffit d'utiliser les alertes vocales françaises du skin Ultra ... en renommant simplement les fichiers comme si c'était les alertes anglaises par exemple ...

Anonymous said...

C'est un peu trop compliqué pour mes connaissances plus que limitées... mais je garde patience, une prochaine mise à jour le proposera certainement en Français !!!!

Xerses72 said...

Updated iGo8 Italian Language file for compatibility with diMka skin v1.3.10 and Ultra Skin v4.0



Anonymous said...

only yours and ultra skins work on my mio using v.41506, only the voice files from the original install work, none of the voice files supplied on this blog seem to work. can't even see them in settings, could be the file structure or the zip format... please help. thanks for a great skin

Atmos said...

That skin support 800x480 resolution?

Or there's some skin with vocal speedcam warning for 800x480?

thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

Please help with where to install the voice .ogg files as the instructions are vague at best.

I believe the ui files have to be imported into their correct location in the dMka_1_3_10.zip file; this seems to activate the extra menus.

I cannot get the test button to work on the English voice. Any help on where to place the English voice files?

Anonymous said...

I'm also having the same problem. I'm unable to activate the English warning voices. I placed them in the audio folder but to no avail. Any help? Thank you,

Anonymous said...


I have not tried this Skin myself. But they clearly are sharing the same Audio as the Ultra Skin. SO I may be able to help.......

If you have downloaded the Audio_UK_English.zip file to your desktop you will need to unzip it and then copy the 'audio' Folder and its contents completely to the iGO8 folder on the SD Card. This is a new folder.

It does NOT go in the 'content' or 'custom' folder only inside the iGO8 folder alonside the content & custom folders.

I hope this helps.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Ya,

There is a diMka Specter 1.310 Skin of this which doesn’t need the patch and seems to work without any problems using the English ultra voice files in the audio directory. The skin also has a very nice voice test function in the warnings/speed camera menu

Anonymous said...

I'm not able to use the English voices. I think the problem is, that there are male and female voices in this .zip-file, but diMka only supports one English voice. Could anyone tell where we have to copy the .ogg-files?
Thanks, Roland

Anonymous said...

Hello again, like I said if you unzip a new voice file the file structure is not the same as the original voice files, so they don't work, also I have notice if I re-zip the original voice files they no longer work (you cannot see any adjusted voice files in the settings menu) so that could be which version of WinZip you use I’m using 11.2 if you’re using an earlier version and it works let us know and that will sort the zip problem.
2 hats

Anonymous said...

Here is 1.3.11 with built in vocal speed and camera warnings. work in 320x240, 400x240, 640x480 and 800x480.


Hans-Peter said...

I did it exactly as decribed. However i can't hear the speed warning voice. I tried diMkaspecter 1311 and diMka skin v1.3.14

Anonymous said...

bonjour, quelqu'un saurait t-il comment ajouter les alertes Francais? J'ai tenté mais en vain en m'inspirant du skin ultra. Le systeme bloque à chaque tentative de modification :-(
Alors si un expert peut apporter la solution, je pense qu'il fera plusieurs heureux!!!

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