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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v3.5)

21/07/2008 Version 3.5
- Added "Start Navigation" button to "Plan on Map" screen in place of "Back" button.

Enjoy v3.5 !

English UK (F/M) voice
English US (F) voice
French (F/M) voice
Italian (F/M) voice


Anonymous said...


why skin works for my by half?

I see advanced options for warnings, POI etc. But in navigation screen with portrait/landscape screen see original IGO8 skin (screen is still same, why?) , why not ULTRA SKIN?

I tried it with IGO 8 versions - ; ; with original data.zip file

I tried too with PDA and PNA version with HTC Kaiser

Thanks for your help, Boda

Xerses72 said...

Updated Lang_Italian_Pda.zip file with new dictionary for Ultra Skin v3.5 compatibility.



Anonymous said...

remplacer fichier speed.bmp ne suffit pas...
peux tu mettre ce genre de panneau dans ton skin : http://aviatechno.free.fr/unites/images/B14_50.gif

De plus j'ai des alerte vitesse radar feu rouge sur des routes ou il n'y en a pas. Comment peut on y remédier ?

merçi pour tout, ton travail est exemplaire !!!


tjaen said...


Still a great skin. Is it possible to have some kind of emergency button to remove the speedcams from the device. (Also remove the emergency button after pressed) The reason is that it is not allowed to have these files on your device and the rumour is that there will be strict controles this summer.

Also I use 400x240 resolution could it be possible to update a version in this resolution now and then -:)

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

FYI, works great on iGO 8.00.44366 (June 24th Release) in fact some of the enhancements you have added recently are now working which they were not working for me on 8.004156.

Such as the POI Popup within the set radius when the screen was clicked.

Also the latest option to set Map or Plan on map works now too.

I've had no issues with the changes necessary to accomodate the language files in Version 3.5.

I'd love to offer some suggestions for enhancements but I'm finding it difficult to improve on an already great Skin. Well done from me and thankyou for making agreat product even better.


i2gh0st said...

update to 3.8 :)

see if you told me where to get it

Anonymous said...

good job but i'd like to use a car instead of the arrow.do you have a solution

Anonymous said...

I use iGO 8.00.44366 (June 24th Release). When I try V3.5, I always get the message: Failed to open file: audio/voice_sound.delays.ini. Exiting application. Before, I have added the german Lucy voice. What´s wrong? I can´t find this ini-file.

Anonymous said...

There are two downloads with V3.5, the first is the skin, the second is the Voice file of your chosen langauage.

You need to unzip the Audio file and copy the Audio Folder to your iG08 folder.

If you placed the zip file only into your iGO8 folder that is not enough. The audio folder is a new folder that needs to be created from V3.4 onwards.

The authors notes for V3.4 are here

Hope this helps you.


Anonymous said...

Is there a german voice and language set für this skin?
greetz, Oliver

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