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Skin DJ for iGO Amigo v3.0 !

DJ.Amigo skin by Gurjon and Dvs1 for iGO Amigo.
Resolutions 320x240, 240x320, 480x272, 400x240

Enjoy DJ.Amigo Skin v3.0 ! (23.06.2009)

Changes in v3.0:

The main difference of v.3.0 that you need to install "MortScript" (PDA or PNA).
To use external scripts "amigo.exe" could be anywhere, but directory "utility" should be beside.

1. Revamped button "panic". Now works with "MortScript".
2. Rewritten map changer.
2a. Copy "Teleatlas" maps to the "map" directory.
2b. Copy "NAVTEQ" maps to the "map_nt" directory.
2c. Copy the other maps to the "map_ot" directory.
3.Since Amigo does not work with power management (backlight, volume ...)
on most devices here is try to resolve this problem by direct write
the to registry.

Content of "utility" directory is a part of "DJ.Amigo v.3.0" skin.
File "dj_keys.ini" in this directory must fit for your device and
your needs. You can control all registy's keysr at the time of launch,
exit and switching day/night mode.

Installed Mortscript required.

NB! Path entries in sys.txt with "%SDCARD%" variable not supported.
Please use full real path to memory card, like "\Storage Card\...".

Description of file "dj_keys.ini".
In this file You can write your own registry keys to manage.

In section [startexit] listed keys will be stored before amigo
starts (with DJ.Amigo skin) and keys will be restored on exit.
By adding optional 'start_value' and/or 'exit_value' fields You can
manually set which values will be set during amigo run and on exit.

In section [daynight] listed keys will be modified when day/night
mode switched.
Also these values will be set (depending of time for day or night)
when amigo starts.

Either sections can be enabled/disabled in the DJ settings menu.

4. New GPS port settings.
5. Technical repair.

Enjoy it !


Anonymous said...

Wrong linky...

C&D said...

Sorry !
Link updated now ;-)

jrk said...

Great work!
Could you help me how to install?
Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

The worse skin for Amigo...
but just miss the backlight screen ajustment.
Great to use it

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