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New "iGO8 Ultra" skin (v2.2)

New update (june 22) of the famous iGO8 Ultra skin with a completely redesigned landscape Full Screen Mode accessible via the Quick Menu and some other new features !
Remark that this skin supports the official version only ...

Enjoy iGO8 Ultra skin 2.2 !


Aleš said...

skin looks perfect but I found a bug during route simulation:

landscape mode
light info panel down

during simulation click to next turn field -> Fatal Error and iGO8 crashed down

Anonymous said...

as I see this one for only version

I have, this skin will not work then :(


Tim said...

This looks really great. Did you implement the custom speed cam warnings like you announced?

I'm going to give it try.


Glamster said...

Using it on version with no problems and this skin should really make those people at navngo to bow their heads in shame and not including these things as standard.

Thanks skin author.

Anonymous said...

This skin is PERFECT. But there isn't the indicator of the current speed (that become red after the speedlimit).
Hovewer this skin is the best one!!!!

Anonymous said...

i also think that this is by far the best skin...
the only thing i think that needs to be included, is the current speed (that becomes red after the speedlimit), as the previous guy mentions.

Anonymous said...

iGO8_Ultra Version 2.4 now fully supports iGO8 and includes highlight (yellow) of the current speed when over the speed limit.

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