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Skin DJ for iGO Amigo v2.1 !

DJ.Amigo skin by Gurjon and Dvs1 for iGO Amigo.
Resolutions 320x240, 240x320, 480x272, 400x240

Enjoy DJ.Amigo Skin v2.1 ! (27.05.2009)
and new German language file for v2.1
or Lithuanian language file

Changes since previous version posted on this blog ...
1. Fixed TMC, all resolutions.
2. Added GPS indicator.
3. If change the recommended speed up or down - the different sounds signal.
4. Technical adjustments.

1. Added menu "GJ settings". (More write settings to the sys.txt file is not required.)
2. Technical adjustments.

1. Added "Block Road" thanks Sbertaud13 and Tester.

1. Auto quit or off device then destination is reached added.
2. Added blinking over speed sign.
3. Added on/off second turn.
4. Sound was added, then PDA switches from battery to external power supply and opposite.
5. Added multidraw of route methods.
6. Added set route start position.
7. Added Xenon compass on map.
8. Added "Panic" button.
9. Technical adjustments.

Panic button enable, write entry in the "sys.txt" file:

;================= dj settings start ===============
utilitymov=",1,\SD-MMCard\Program Files\Amigo,"
utilitydel=",2,\SD-MMCard\Program Files\Amigo,"

;================= dj settings end ===============

And many thanks to Gurjon for his skin ...


Ghost said...


Very nice skin and very functional. Good work. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Does Skin DJ for iGO Amigo v2.1 suport rezolution 240x400 (for Samsung i900 Omnia) ??

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