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Gurjon skin (4.1.0)

Last update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x ...

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 4.1.0 (2008.11.07)

Skin will work only with iGO 8.3.x.xxxx version and now 240x320 is supported !

1. zoom bar.
2. Route recording to screen "info about route".
3. Then browse map closes, cursor moves back to specific location.
4. Few menu tabs were expanded.
5. Speeding preferences (still in testing).
6. Save of tilt angle.
7. Favorite, "without route"


1."Short menu" button. "View all route" - all routes will be displayed.
For all routes to have different colors, you must add these lines to your color sheme "color.ini" file:

after line: "planned_road_ext = ....."

add lines:

planned_road_alt1 = "",255,0,0
planned_road_alt2 = "",0,255,0
planned_road_alt3 = "",0,0,255
planned_road_alt4 = "",255,255,0
planned_road_alt5 = "",0,255,255

(standard scheme should work flawlessly)

2."Short menu" button, "external program".

To add new program button, you must enter:
1. Name of program (ex. Total commander);
2. Full path to program (ex. /SD Card/Program Files/Total Commander/cecmd.exe).
Then a button with program name will appear in window.
Attention! use only this "/"slash.
Number of programs is unlimited.

Enjoy v4.1.0 !


Anonymous said...

THANKS!! user and password?

Anonymous said...

Thanks pal, briliant work. Your skins are saving memory and very nice.
One comment - correct please color of "easy" pad under "all rouds". This pad is light green, but route is yellow.
Looking for your inventions in next version.

Anonymous said...

The re-calculation does not work in this skin. Does anybody else have this problem?

stukka said...

the skin is very nice,
is it possible to correct the compass?
you navegate to the east and the red point shows to west!
the same if you go to west, it marks east!

Anonymous said...

Stukka, that is with all the skins, that's why i've disabled de compass

stukka said...

OK; thanks!
but the ori igo has a compass that works gret...
is it possible to show this one in a windows somewere in the skin?
it is noce to see in which direction are you moving, specially in rainy days!

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