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Gurjon skin (4.2.0)

Latest update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x ...

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 4.2.0 (2008.11.10)

Added or fixed :
1. New option added "2D only north" (3D preferences).
2. Now it's possible to turn off big traffic lines arrows (traffic lines adjustments). It's dependable on entries in sys.txt file.
3. Cursor menu window "More..." was changed.
4. Width of big traffic lines was adjusted, now it doesn't overlap the arrows. You can adjust width of these lines in "laneinfo_signpost.ini" file with "max_signpost_width=xxx" string.
5. Window of route making was changed, now it's possible to view all turns of currently selected route.
6. Enable spoken TMC varning.
7. Other adjustments.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 4.2.0 !


MHmobile said...

I have been using GJ3.7.1 with absolutely no problems but when I tried GJ4 and above I get the following error while lodaing:
FFUIERROR: Parse error [< / layer> expected]. Please give me an idea where to start troubleshooting. I would really like to use this skin especially since you have added 2d north up. Thank you for your help!

MHmobile said...

Disregard, I am running 8.0, not 8.3. My fault for not paying attention!

Anonymous said...

Hy mhmobile,
i'd the same problem with GJ4.
Take the GJ4 in the DATA.ZIP and it works fine.
Greets Leo

Anonymous said...

I have been using almost all the Skins for My IGO 8.0.xxx software.
I did not upgrade to 8.3.xxx.
Will you continue presenting, your wonderful skins, also for 8.0.xxx ?
Thanks you, Mike

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