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diMka skin (v1.6.9) - original and mod versions

Last update of the original and mod versions of the diMka skin ...
Work only with iGO 8.3

To install a skin, just copy the zip file to your "iGO8\content\skin folder".

diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.6.9
(Original Version by diMka - 240,320, 320x240)


The Specter version below adds the following features:
1. Clicking the turn icon will repeat the last command
2. Adds option to show route summary - Goes to the Plan Map after selecting a POI, HISTORY or FAVORITE.
3. When selecting destination from the cursor menu, it will automatically minimize the cursor menu.
4. Show house numbers - on, off or show within a set distance of the destination.

diMka Version 1.6.8 (link updated)
(Specter version - 240x320, 320x240, 400x240)


The Megaduck99 version below adds the following features:
1. Changes to the Map Speed Display
Stopped the speed indicator on the Nav screen from turning red when "Warn when Speeding" is off.
Changed the script so that the speed no longer disappears when stationary.
2. Route recalculation bug
Added the fix from the Ultra skin so that when loading a route and navigating from the saved position (Disables automatic route recalculation) tapping the manual recalculation symbol that appears when you deviate from the route will recalculate and turn the Automatic Route Recalculation back on.
3. MultiRoute Screen Changes
Corrected the syntax of the MultiRoute layer so that the multiroute selection works correctly
4. Show House Number changes
Added settings, variable and scripts so that house numbers will only show within a set distance of the destination.

5. Fixed script error when selecting a POI from the find list after clicking 'All in Category', 240_320 only
6. Moved car further off screen in flyover mode so the headlights are off the map in night mode

diMka Version 1.7.2
(Megaduck99 Version- 240x320, 320x240)


diMka Version 1.6.9
(Wertvrv Version - 480x234)

diMka Version 1.5.19
(Wertvrv Version - 240x320, 320x240, 480x234)


The DTE version below adds the following features:
- When you change the vehicle now changes the vehicle image too. I.E. if you switch to the vehicle "truck", now you will have a truck on the screen. It's possible to change 7 colors: white, black, grey, yellow, blue, red and green except for Taxi, Bus and Pedestrian.
- The Lane Info Signposts are aligned to the center of the screen, but now you can select the size of these one from the menu "Lane Info".
- When the Signposts are shown, will disappear the upper stripe with the next street, the upper left corner direction icons and the left info panel to free the space for a new little temporary panel.
- Many other little improvements, mainly cosmetics.

diMka Version 1.5.31
(DTE Version - 480x272)

Enjoy all these skins !!!


Anonymous said...

Trying to download this skin for 30 minutes. Terrible uploader!

John said...

There's nothing wrong with the upload; Got it in 20 sec. ;)

I did get an error upon loading it though.
Something like an FFU error? couldn't read it as fast ;)
This is in the original update, not the other ones like specter etc.
Is there a flaw in it?


Hoshie said...

Hi!Got an error with the new version from Dimka (0.8.8)
Got the Igo Version Nav N Go iGO 8 v8.3.2.64873
The Error is:
FFUIERROR:Unknown object identifier
Script"(Unnamed") command 0


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