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Gurjon skin (4.6.1)

Latest update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x ...
including now 400x240 resolution !

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 4.6.1 (2008.11.28)

Added or fixed :

4.6.1 (2008.11.28)
1. Voice SpeedCam tested version.
Does not have all the features!
DVS1 work hard!
2. Various technical adjustments.
New resolution 400x240 (beta) added

4.6 (2008.11.28)
1. Automatic map tilt was remade.
Earlier, at start up (or always then program returned to map view) middle map tilt button used to be pressed.
Now the forth (4) one. Now then any of other three buttons are pressed, smartzoom will be turned off.
Now map will tilt correctly then large traffic signs appears.
Then forth button is pressed for long period, smartzoom options appears.
It's possible to adjust smartzoom preferences anyway possible (2D and 3D preferences are different)
(My preferences are: 80,150,80,85,23 - but everyone should adjust them to their needs).
Don't forget that then any of lower 3 map tilt buttons is pressed (2D and 3D, both modes apply),
smartzoom will be turned off, and it'll turn on only then 4th button is pressed
or if this option is turned on (option is turned on by default).
2. Camera icon was changed, now there are no large cameras, but it's possible to adjust small ones:
transparency of background, icon transparency, position on screen.
Always preferences can be adjusted at cameras tab in visual settings.
3. Map tilt additional angle adjustment added then large arrows appear.
4. Sound signal then large arrows appear was added.

New resolution 480x272 (beta) added (please report bugs)

4.5 (2008.11.22)
1. Multidraw was fixed.
2. Added function of the "Route backside"
3. Lower bar error was fixed, now numbers don't disappear.
4. 3rd compass variant added, Letter's are floating now (menu on/off).
5. Scrolling street name (menu on/off).
6. Route display car added near lower bar (menu on/off).
7. Forbidden turns signs were added in digital speedometer (then no route is active).
8. Various technical adjustments.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 4.6.1 !

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