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Gurjon skin (5.0)

Latest update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x ...

For iGO 8.3.2.x - Gurjon skin 5.0 (2008.12.08)

Added or fixed :

5.0 (2008.12.08)
1. Skin is switched to 8.3.2.x version (skin is no longer compatible with 8.3.1.x)
2. Sound cameras are completely remade.
3. Default route recording is removed. Now route is recorded only then user needs it.
4. "reverse route" bug is fixed, it didn't flip correctly from the first time.
5. Small traffic lanes centering mechanism is remade.
6. Lag then exiting navigation menu while quick menu is open is fixed.
7.Option, how long press on menu button should behave, is added (close/minimize/dialog).
8. Additional angle tilt adjustment, then large arrows appear is added.
9. View option added for car icon which shows trip meter (near lower bar). Also, then trip length is recounted or igo is turned off, position of car will be saved.
10. "Auto reset TP" option added. Then it's on, everytime new route is made, auto trip computer reset will be made. 

Enjoy Gurjon skin 5.0 !
and many thanks to him for his nice work ;-)

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