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Gurjon skin (6.0p)

New major update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 6.0p (2009.02.09)

Added or fixed : 6.0p (2009.02.09)
Main differences of new GJ6.Xp series:
Bigger part of algorithms were moved to "half-patch", so it's now possible to remove them mechanically, and in the same time that "half-patch" won't get loaded.
If you want to disable the "half-patch", just remove or rename it's directory.
If you use "half-patch", don't delete the files of other resolutions, because it won't load. It doesn't work like skin do.
To install all "half-patches", extract "_FullPack.rar" contents to iGo root directory.
All "half-patches" should be in "extesnsion" directory, and in their own subfolders.

1. 400x234 resolution added.
2. "Bluetooth" options window was added in general preferences.
3. Pop up window movement out of screen bounds was fixed. Also, it's close tap area was increased.
4. Fast menu and "back" button was added in Browse map (customizable buttons).
5. In info window "POI" "add" button was added. Short tap - add to existing route, long - add to end of route.
6. Compass arrow "to finish" was changed a bit.
7. Speed view in digital speedometer was fixed.
8. Two buttons were added in cabin: "Non free roads" and "Phone". They can be disabled.
9. Hide function was added in auto exit/shutdown.
10. Two new "half-patches" were added: "AutoKarta" and "Digital_sp"
11. Various technical adjustments.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 6.0p

and many thanks to Gurjon for this work ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's nice skin, thanks.

However, I got the backlight is not set back to original value after exit from program.

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