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Kikker Skin v2.3 - Including Native 800, HP Bluetooth, Speedcam Voices !

This skin has two versions - a normal version and one specified for use with ONLY the HP IPAQ 31x high res device. Please note that both versions are in RAR format and must decompressed. The audio folder must placed directly into the IGO8 directory (not in the content directory). The *.zip skin file goes in the content\skin directory as usual. The audio folder must be placed in its proper directory even if you do not want to hear the voices. They can always be turned off.

The normal version is intended for devices with one of the following resolutions in landscape orientation only:

320x240, 400x240, 480x272, 640x480, 800x480 (native high resolution)

This skin now has native 800x480 support. So, in order to use the high resolution, set your resolution directory to the 800_480 folder and have both VGA=0 and highres=0 in your sys.txt.

HP IPAQ 31x owners can use the special HP VERSION of this skin, which will allow you to turn on/off the bluetooth app (bluesoleil.exe) from within IGO. Not only that, and thanks to bitblaster, you can make POI calls to your bluetooth phone directly from IGO. Please read the README included in the HP VERSION zip file. Those WITHOUT an IPAQ 31x device should download the normal version of this skin! A big thanks goes to bitblaster for coding the bluetooth applications packaged in the HP VERSION.

Changes in this release:

1. Added Speedcam Voices, which can be turned off if desired. Thanks to Linknet for the coding.
2. Added Distance to Via, Arrival at Via, Time to Via to the list of possible cockpit fields.
3. Added 'Find Home' button to Find Menu.
4. Raised font sizes in 480_272 and 800_480 resolution.
5. Overspeed and speedcam speed backgrounds removed.
6. Speedcam speed sign overlaps with overspeed sign to clean things up a bit.
7. Compass on map can now be switched off.
8. Next Street background (top) and Actual Street background (bottom) can now be adjusted for transparency.

Enjoy Kikker Skin v2.3 or Kikker Skin v2.3 HP !
and many thanks to Kikker for sharing his nice work ;-)

If you like this skin, and you feel so inclined, your donation for Kikker would be very appreciated. Thank you for him!
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Anonymous said...

Simulation does not work! Always crashes with FUI-Error!

rsr said...

Which resolution? Do you have the latest data.zip?

Anonymous said...

Latest data.zip on iGO 8.3.2 in 320 x 240

rsr said...

Try the new v2.5. This hasn't been reported by anyone but yourself. Hopefully, the next version works.

Anonymous said...

Great skin! However the camera alert distance is still too long at 300m. Would be perfect if it could be made to 100m.

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