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Gurjon skin (6.1p)

New major update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 6.1p (2009.02.19)

Added or fixed : Skin 6.1p (2009.02.19)

1. Map menu was changed.
2. Additional speed limit signal was added.
3. Stock (fast) and additional (accurate) multi calculations were moved to half-patch.
4. Additional "autokarta" preferences.
5. New half-patch which shows info about other half-patches installed (nothing too fancy, just eye candy).
6. New digital font was added for GPS clock. So "Digital_sp" half-patch was changed to "DigiFont".
7. A version to all half-patches were added. It should be read like this: Directory name - author - first skin version which supports half-patch - half-patch version.
8. Button was added in browse map (Long tap on "roundabout" button). It turn's on/off recalculation of route.
9. Various technical adjusments.

Added or fixed : Half-Patches (2009.02.18)

All half patches made for 6.1p version of skin won't work with 6.0p.
Autokarta - changed.
DigitFont - NEW! (digital font for speed and gps time).
Multicalc - NEW! (multicalculate).
PathVersion - NEW! (info about half-patches).

Enjoy Gurjon skin 6.1p and half-patches 6.1p !

and many thanks to Gurjon for this work ;-)


Anonymous said...

not working

Anonymous said...

Can it be adopted to my IGO 8.0.xxx version ?

Teddy said...

Work Very goob for me

Anonymous said...

great... works perfectly on my htc touch hd!

sn00 said...

At the begining it was also not worked for me as it is not clear enough what to do for this to work. So here is more detailed explanation: you have to unzip gj6.1p_skin_fullpack.rar file and then copy "GJ6.0p" file (content/skin/) to SD card (content/skin). If there is no directory "skin" in "IGO8/content" directory, then just create it. The folder "Extension" copy to "IGO8" folder (the root IGO8 folder where there are other main directories like "content", "custom", "license" etc). Hope this will help everyone. I did this on my HTC TyTn II.

apontes said...

My speeddometer is not working on my iGO8 I downloaded the GJ6.1p.zip file only. Do I need also to download the Half-patches ? Please , help on that ?

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