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Gurjon skin Half-Patches (for GJ6.Xp)

Half-Patches (only for GJ6.Xp skin versions.)
  • Full pack Download (size: 128 kB)

  • Bigger part of algorithms were moved to "half-patch", so it's now possible to remove them mechanically, and in the same time that "half-patch" won't get loaded.
    If you want to disable the "half-patch", just remove or rename it's directory.
    If you use "half-patch", don't delete the files of other resolutions, because it won't load. It doesn't work like skin do.
    To install all "half-patches", extract "_FullPack.rar" contents to iGo root directory.
    All "half-patches" should be in "extesnsion" direktory, and in their own subfolders.

  • Download (size: 4.63 kB)

  • This function automatically turns off/hides program when destination is reached and is bound to timer.

  • Download (size: 7.07 kB) Last update: 2009.02.09

  • Auto view of trip in separate map, or info floating bar cabin or search in map after every recalculation of trip. Back to timer or fast move back then map is pressed.

  • Download (size: 9.4 kB)

  • Road blocking.

  • Download (size: 10.7 kB)

  • Digital font of current speed.

  • Download (size: 6.44 kB)

  • Create links and load external programs from iGO.

  • Download (size: 5.8 kB)

  • Function of car models library.

  • Download (size: 21.7 kB)

  • Screen with all available routes.

  • Download (size: 34.7 kB)

  • Voice and visual speed the cameras additionals functions.

  • Download (size: 27.1 kB)

  • Digital speedometer.

  • Download (size: 181 kB)

  • Bluetooth working to HP310.
    - Bluetooth can now be switched ON or OFF with the Bluetooth button in the Quick Menu.
    - Bluetooth dial keyboard can called by long tap on Cursor button.
    - Calls to the POI can also now be placed directly from the IGO8 application itself.


    Anonymous said...

    How does the patches work, how do I activate them and where do I have to install them? I've put them on my SD-card, but can't find them when iGO was started. Help needed.
    thanks Epitah

    Anonymous said...

    Hi The folder \Extension needs to be put in the iGO8 folder so next to the content and defaults folder.
    If you place the files there you can find the extra's under the corresponding menu/settings.

    Where should I store the car icons? I've placed them under \cars and \content\cars\ but iGO can't find them.

    Anonymous said...

    Aha the crs version I used lacked certain .ini files. The latest cars version can be found here:
    and should be saved under: /iGO8/Cars

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the answer, but it's still not working. I use GJ6.0p.
    On the site it says use GJ6.Xp. Where can I find this version. Or is it something else and what am I doing wrong. Where can I find: the corresponding menu/settings?
    grtjs Epitah

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