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Gurjon skin (6.4p)

New update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 6.4p (2009.03.28)

Added or fixed : Skin 6.4p (2009.03.28)

1. Fixed "AutoKarta" halfpatch.
2. Added yet another (third) indicator traversed path.
3. Fixed some menu items.
4. Fixed some English terms.
5. Technical adjustments.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 6.4p full pack !

and many thanks to Gurjon for this work ;-)


Bunter said...

I love the skin and all the features, however I am not sure the exceed speed speed limit works - have a feeling this may be contolled by the spdb and the spud files. I am in Australia and feel i may not have the latest versions of these files. For example when I test the speed camera icons at the test point only the over speed works. I also note that i have sone files *.txt that are in Russian or another language not that I need to read them but maybe they dont interface with my english speedcam.txt file. PLEASE comment, I'd love to have this unit fully functional. I really appreciate all the work that Gurjon has put into this - thanks.

Anonymous said...


I dl these newest version GJ6.4p
where goes the map "extension"

In the data file ????

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