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iGO Amigo ! The next new version of iGO navigation system ...

iGO amigo, the smart, new navigation software platform from NNG Global Services – a subsidiary of Nav N Go, has been launched at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, Germany. In a series of successful iGO platforms, the Budapest based company introduced the iGO amigo line consisting of unique iGO amigo software products tailored for selected OEM partners and is available immediately. With its user-friendly functions and fashionable appearance, iGO amigo targets a broader user group than any previous software from the company.

Clever Software Feels Natural for First-Time Navigation Users
Focusing on everyday needs, without overloading or confusing the user with complicated settings and menus, iGO amigo is based on the same reliable and celebrated iGO My way engine that has led previous products of the company being acknowledged as some of the most innovative navigation softwares in the industry. The software includes an integrated tutorial for fast-track learning and enhanced user satisfaction. The trademark superior 3D navigation, for which iGO My Way is well-known has been improved even further and offers a unique user experience, even on entry-level, low-cost devices.

Taking the individual characteristics of targeted user groups into consideration, the software impresses with numerous smart functions that make using the software an intuitive process. Optional device activation by the user on www.naviextras.com is part of an industry wide initiative aimed at curbing software piracy and will ensure that the installed iGO amigo version is original.

Unique iGO amigo Products for Premium Partners
“iGO My way products have always been associated with cutting edge technology, and now we continue that tradition with the iGO amigo range, which enables each of our premium, global partners to offer unique, differentiated products tailored to their own specific market requirements,” explains Tamás Vahl, Chief Executive Officer at NNG Global Services. “We are in a position to offer specific iGO amigo products which will not be duplicated.”

The company’s online services portal, naviextras.com, further enables OEM manufacturers to reduce update card inventories. Naviextras.com delivers valuable map extensions and updates, together with premium services, all from a single web address. iGO amigo ships with 15 preinstalled PDAmill games, and a traveler’s information kit. Additional maps and the picture viewer can be activated by users at their convenience on naviextras.com.

As an additional strategic advantage, iGO amigo offers its own Top-Map package, which provides outstanding coverage of the Eastern European region. Furthermore, advanced platform features such as RDS Traffic with adverts, MSN Direct, and other forms of connectivity strengthen the differentiation potential of iGO amigo.* The premium software series is available to selected partners only.

*The advanced features mentioned are currently available in the USA only.

iGO amigo Available Immediately through Selected Partners
Navon, one of the most popular navigation device brands in Central and Eastern Europe currently running on iGO 8 software, will present four new iGO amigo based models with 3.5” to 5” display sizes at CeBIT 2009. Availability is expected before the end of Q1 2009.

TELE System, the Italian-based GPS manufacturer, will launch a 3.5” entry level model working on the iGO amigo software platform. The device will be available in Europe, the Far East and Brazil from April 2009.

For more information on iGO amigo, please visit www.i-go.com/amigo and visit the NNG Global Services booth in Hall 14, booth G14 at CeBIT 2009.

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