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Kikker Skin v3.1.1 - HP Bluetooth, Speedcam Voices

This skin is intended for devices with one of the following resolutions in landscape orientation only:

320x240, 400x240, 480x272, 640x480 (VGA), 800x480 (WVGA)

HP IPAQ 31x owners can enable the 'Bluetooth for IPAQ 31x' in the menu options. This option will enable bluetooth buttons both in the main Map and Cockpit views. Such new options include buttons for the dialpad, bluetooth manager, and OFF switch. Not only that, and thanks to bitblaster, you can make POI calls to your bluetooth phone directly from IGO. 31x owners must now download the 'normal' skin and enable the advanced bluetooth options in settings - menu. This needs to be enabled only once. You now have an invisible button on the map (lower right corner) which will turn bluetooth ON and show the Bluetooth Manager. In the cockpit view, there is a new button to show the Bluetooth Dial Pad. A big thanks goes to bitblaster for coding the bluetooth applications.


1. Speedcam Voices
2. HP IPAQ 31x Bluetooth functions - Bluetooth Manager, Dial pad, POI calling directly from within iGO.
3. POI Pop-up
4. Transparency settings
5. Each cockpit field has 21 options and configurable in both cruise and nav modes.
6. Circular Compass on map can be turned off.
7. Circular compass moves over to the right when overspeed/speedcam icon appears. Compass can still be turned off however.
8. Cockpit fields can have either a light or dark background. Dark background always shown in night mode.
9. Dark background of Cockpit fields allows for either "VFD Blue", "Orange LED", or "White Glow" colors of the field labels.

Changes in this release:

1. House numbers are now configurable to appear always, never, or at the specified distance to destination.
2. When House numbers are not visible or turned off, the current street can now extend to either end of the bottom bar.
3. Overspeed warnings now appear either whenever speeding or whenever available. Select the option in Settings--->Warnings.
4. Current Speed in Red when speeding, provided 'Current Speed' is selected as one of the cockpit fields. Feature can be turned off however.
5. The map scale can now be turned off while the 2D navigation map is visible.
6. Reorganized the 'Map Settings' pages.
7. Other minor fixes and improvements.

Download Instructions: Place the *.zip in "IGO8\content\skin" directory. In order to use the advanced bluetooth functions directly in IGO8, you will need the bluetooth files in the second download below. If you have already used a previous bluetooth version of this skin, you DO NOT need these files, as you already have them.

Enjoy Kikker 3.1.1 Skin (Bluetooth version now incorporated into the 'normal skin'. See above.)

Files to enable bluetooth options for the IPAQ 31x. (Not necessary if you have used a previous version of this skin!)

and many thanks to Kikker for sharing his nice work ;-)

If you like this skin, and you feel so inclined, your donation for Kikker would be very appreciated. Thank you for him!
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Frank said...

How can I make this skin work on an standard IPAQ314?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what version of IGO this works with? Tried it on and it doesn't show up in the skins menu like GJ does. This one looks promising and I'd like to try it.

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