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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v6.0.18)

New update of the well known iGO8 Ultra skin by Linknet ...
(supported resolutions are 320x240, 240x320, 640x480 and 480x640 only)

Changes in 6.0.18 version:

  • Fully compatible with the following versions:
    • iGO8 PDA Version dated 7th November 2008.
    • iGO8 PNA Version dated 13th November 2008.
  • Modified the new "Hide" button for the Pop-Up Info Panel on the "Plan on Map" screen to reflect the current hidden state, which is now remembered after iGO8 is restarted.
  • Added a "Hide" button for the Pop-Up Info Panel on the "Plan on Map" screen. This button overlays the "Fit Route to Screen" button whilst the Pop-Up Info Panel is active. Tapping it hides the Pop-Up Info Panel making it easier to set destinations and waypoints without having to turn the Pop-Up Info Panel off completely. To restore the Pop-Up Info Panel just tap the button again whilst it is active. The hidden state is remembered when iGO8 is restarted. To just close the Pop-Up Info Panel normally tap the top "Address" section of the panel as before.
  • Added access to the "Itinerary" screen via "Tap and Hold" on the "Route" button on the "Plan on Map" screen.
  • Added access to the "Itinerary" screen via "Tap and Hold" on the "First Route Event" icon on the "Map" screen.
Language files updated for 6.0.13 version !
- German PDA or PNA
- French PDA or PNA
- Hungarian PDA or PNA

Enjoy Ultra skin v6.0.18 by Linknet !
Many thanks to him for this nice skin ... (Linknet website)

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