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Transparent skin by Micsan ... v6 !

New update of the transparent skin by Micsan !

- for PDA/PNA with resolution 320x240, 640x480 and PNA with resolution 480X272
- tested with v49545

Changes since previous version
- changed graphical design,
- added block roads,
- added sound warning for road changing,
- added dangerous areas,
- added management of schemes by « Xerses » for those who want to use it,
- and some other adjustements to discover !…

Enjoy Transparent Micsan v6 !

zip file including skin, font, utility folder and txt file for installation instructions ...


ValeRO said...

Great work Micsan, but i get an fatal error when i change to night modus in quick menu:

fatal error occured in main thread.

Address: 0x0021dfc0
Exception: 0xc0000005

I use on HTC Diamond with iGO 8 version 54000 & 49545.

If you need more info then let me know.

Greetz ValeRO

Anonymous said...

Hello micsan,I

Adrian said...

What about resolution 240x320 ?

Anonymous said...

Hello micsan,I used your v5 skin and it works very well but I didnt understand how to install your v6 skin.I didnt see a text file with instructions

Anonymous said...

hi ,

i installed your skin, but when i wanna get to cockpit , the pna shut down and restart !!! what´s going wrong ?

please help me

many thanks

Tim said...

Same problem here.

At first it worked, but when I selected the car instead of the arrow, it kept crashing and now I can't get it to work again.

Tim said...

I found the problem, the Mortscript folder needs to be in the iGO8 folder. Another problem is that the Mortscript included here, doesn't work for the pna, only pda. But if you place it on your pna, it will work now without the car icon. It doesn't crash anymore.

Peter said...

Micsan, excellent version update, I like the new graphical design alot and the options you have provided.

I have the same issue, in that it shuts down & restarts but also no text file to explain how to install correctly, also how do I get your Speedcam announcement in english...

Thanks again for a worthy update. Well done.

Peter said...

Micsan, would you consider an option to turn off the tachograph for the primary turn indicator and the current primary turn icon as the secondary turn icon?

Also, anybody.... how can we get english since the lane change announcememt & Speedcam are in French.

I really like this skin over ALL others at present. But for the language options

ValeRO said...

I found the solution for night modus crash and car crash.

Copy the Content folder and DIGIT.TTF in: Internal Storage\igo8 OR SD Card\igo8

Copy the Mortscript folder in Device Root: \Program Files\iGO8

Greetz ValeRO

Edwin said...

mio moov 500..

i still cant get it to stop restarting..

what gives? i put the mortscript folder in //device/program files/igo8/

also in //storage card/program files/

and //storage card/igo8/

nothing.. still restarts..

Derek said...

Great skin better than Kitzie skin but speed cams and lane change en Englais sil vous plait

vad said...

i put the skin in my pda p350 and i have a problem

can you help me?

Anonymous said...

Great skin thanks!
It would be an improvement instead of ... afisasat be permanently signal from satellites with the colored bars in the skin Riks

Anonymous said...

Great skin thanks!
It would be an improvement instead of ... to be displayed permanently signal from satellites with the colored bars in the skin Riks
It will be perfect

Anonymous said...

It would be a need for the information: city in which we are not only street

bb2005 said...

Great skin thanks!

Can you make this SKIN and for [B]IGO_Amigo[/B]

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