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Gurjon skin (3.7.1) and (4.0.0b)

Last update of Gurjon skin ...

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 4.0.0b (2008.10.27)

Skin will work only with iGO 8.3.x.xxxx version and only 320x240 is supported.

Still under construction:
1. Display of second turn depending on the distance, now only turn on/off second turn option is used.
2. Overview option became standard again.

Everything else is the same.

Enjoy v4.0.0 !

For iGO 8.0.x.x - Gurjon skin 3.7.1 (2008.10.24)

Change log :
1. Added additional user’s sound, voice speed cam. (thanks mACSman)
2. Added the next turning exit from the ring number.
3. Voice cameras were added. "ultra" and "iGO6" voices are supported.
4. "Panic" button added. (Long tap on Top-Right corner)
5. GJ map preferences were reconfigured.
6. Unnecessary spaces from "place menu" buttons names were removed. (thanks mACSman)
7. Various technical adjustments.

Enjoy v3.7.0 !


Speedcam voice file installation:

* AlertSound:
Just extract all files from “AlertSound.rar” into igo8\audio folder (no subfolders should be created).
* iGO 2006 format:
Just extract all files into igo8\audio folder (no subfolders should be created).
* Ultra format:
Create folder for your language inside igo8\Audio and extract folders "voice_female" and "voice_male" into the folder.

Languages supported (download it on this blog) :
- Russian - AUDIO\RU\voice_male (and voice_female)
- English - AUDIO\EN\voice_male (and voice_female)
- American - AUDIO\US\voice_male (and voice_female)
- French - AUDIO\FR\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Italian - AUDIO\IT\voice_male (and voice_female)
- German - AUDIO\DE\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Dutch - AUDIO\NL\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Swedish - AUDIO\SW\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Romanian - AUDIO\RO\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Polish - AUDIO\PL\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Spanish - AUDIO\ES\voice_male (and voice_female)
- Hungarian - AUDIO\HU\voice_male (and voice_female) (thanks mACSman)

For all types of files you can edit file "voice_var.ini" inside skin to enable/disable some languages from selection. There you can also adjust sound delays for Ultra files.


“Panic” button installation:
Just extract “utility” folder from “utility.rar” into igo8\ folder.

Add to sys.txt :
utilitymov=",1,\SD Card\IGO8,"
utilitydel=",2,\SD Card\iGO8,"
„\SD Card\iGO8“ - path to „iGO8“ folder .

How it works:
Press „Delete“ button to cleare „Speedcam“ folder.
Press „Move“ button to move „Speedcam“ folder to „\SD Card\iGO8\~temp“.
And restarted iGO.


Anonymous said...

Very nice skin.Good job! Do you have a small manual with all the added functions you made? Would be very useful.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get the panic button function working. I tried everything, but the speed cam folder is not moving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what do I have to do to get the panic button working? I tried the steps you mentioned on the site, but doesn't work. And what do you mean with place button's? I cannot find them.

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