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diMka skin (v1.5.0) - links updated

Major update of the diMka skin : original and Specter versions with enhanced compatibility of the voices ...

- diMka Version 1.5.0a LIGHT (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234,480x272)
works with ULTRA & IGO 2006 VOICES
A B T C car setup screen - choose car color, headlight brightness and shadow darkness.

- diMka Version 1.5.0a DARK (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234)
works with ULTRA & IGO 2006 VOICES
Same as the version above except the nav screen uses dark backgrounds.

- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.5.0 (Original version - 240,320, 320x240)
works with ULTRA & IGO 2006 VOICES
Lots of bug fixes and added support for Hungarian iGO2006 voices.

Change log :
- Voice speed cam support (beta)
- Bug fixes
- Removed English 2006 (use English Ultra), added Hungarian 2006
- TMC announce fix. Also fixed a bug in kuindzi8_d. Please update this scheme if you are using it.
- Fixed crash when switching to 2d mode in night mode when 2d/3d button displayed. Caused by bad image file.

Skin is not compatible with speed cam patches. ZD_Speedcam_Patch MUST be removed !

Required Speed Camera Voice Files Audio Folder:
Create an audio directory and unzip the audio file into the that directory, like this : "iGO8\audio".

Put the files in a directory voice_male and voices_female in the audio\XX folder. Where XX is the letters for the country. American would be US, French would be FR. Like this :
Just place all the files in the audio folder, DO NOT put them in sub-folder.

UK English Voice Files (M/F)

UK English Voice Files (-/F)

US English Voice Files (-/F)

FR French Voice Files (M/F)

IT Italian Voice Files (M/F)

NL Dutch Voice Files (-/F)

PL Polish Voice Files (M/F)

RO Romanian Voice Files (-/F)

SW Swedish Voice Files (-/F)

DE German Voice Files (M/-)

DE German Voice Files (-/F)

CT Catalan Voice Files (M/F)

HU Hungarian Voice Files (M/F)

ES Spanish Voice Files (-/F)

RU Russian Voice Files (M/F)

RU Russian Voice Files (M/F)

Interface Language Support:
Place file in "iGO8\content\lang\"
French Language File 5.0
Italian Language File 5.0
Dutch BE Language File 4.0
Romanian Language File 4.0
Swedish Language File 5.0
German Language File 5.0
Catalan Language File
Romanian Language File


Michel R said...

Works fine now.. Thx.

Now only the specter car etc in the original Dinka file..
Would be perfect.

Or off course a Specter file in 240x320 format. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Spanish igo 2006 voices" file is corrupted (524 bytes)

John said...

Both Specter versions didn't work.
Error given: unexpected end of archive
I think there are some files missing??
Original Dimka works fine.

Anonymous said...

I have been unable to open any file:

- diMka Version 1.5.0a LIGHT
- diMka Version 1.5.0a DARK
- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.5.0
- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.5.0 (Original)
- Spanish igo 2006 voices

The files are corrupt

Anonymous said...

there's no support for spanish igo 2006 voices in the interface, only Hungarian, Czech, German, Hebreo, Ruso

C&D said...

Sorry for the problem with download links !
Now the links are updated ...enjoy !

Anonymous said...

"spanish igo2006 voices" file is still corrupted

John said...

Thanks for the fast updates, much appreciated ;)
They work fine now

Specter said...


working spanish audio files

Anonymous said...

hey you have problems with no UK english voices with the ultra audio male and female they dont work with speed cams US is ok no english hopw you can fix becouse i prefer english or australin
try it youl see do demo sound
love your skins but

C&D said...

Spanish voice updated !
It works fine now ...

Anonymous said...

sorry my bad the english files do work
maybe you should update like you have on your web site the folder codes like the english one is EN or maybey a simple text file discribing were and what to do might be better.
hey also woundering would you be working being abel to change your car icon to a diffrent car that would be cool like in the 3d car pack ir if not how we can.cheers keep up the great work cant wait for the next update

Anonymous said...

The spanish file can be downloaded, thanks, but there is no option in the skin to set the spanish voice.
Waiting for the next revision....

Anonymous said...

hello everyone,
first of all tks to dimka for his superb skin.
But lately i get so overhelmed with all the new fonctions and icons and the screens getting quite crowed. Is there somewhere a descrption or a tutorial of all the functions ?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have put the skin (diMka 1.5.0a lifgt-version) in content/skin folder and put the audio files in audio/nl-folder.

When I start igo8 and go to the menu options I can't choose the diMka-skin because it does not show up.

Any ideas...?

Thanks for your help...


Anonymous said...

Installed Dimka skin 1.50 And Audio US Engglish. IGO8 Loads and I change the skin it restarts and says Failed to open file; audio/voice_sound_delays.ini and exits the application. I soft reset start IGO8 again and says Failed to load last time set to factory defaults I say yes and its back to original state. (The Audio/voice_sound_delays.ini is there. Any thoughts?

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