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diMka skin (v1.3.31)

Update of the diMka skin : original and Specter versions with new enhanced car icons for day and night !

- diMka Version 1.3.31b LIGHT (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234, 480x272)
Built in speed camera voices
New car icon !

- diMka Version 1.3.31b DARK (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234, 480x272)
Built in speed camera voices
Same as the version above except the nav screen uses dark backgrounds.

- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.3.31 (Original Version - 240,320, 320x240)
Unmodified diMka skin, includes speed camera voice patch. The speed camera voices for this version uses igo2006 file. The audio files below will not work for this version.

Change log :
- Changed "Satellite on Map", added mini-compass to GPS settings screen.
- New car icon !

Required Speed Camera Voice Files Audio Folder:
Create an audio directory and unzip the audio file into the that directory, like this: "iGO8\audio".
UK English Voice Files (M/F)
US English Voice Files (-/F)
FR French Voice Files (M/F)
IT Italian Voice Files (M/F)
NL Dutch Voice Files (-/F)
PL Polish Voice Files (M/F)
RO Romanian Voice Files (-/F)
SW Swedish Voice Files (-/F)
DE German Voice Files (M/-)
CT Catalan Voice Files (M/F)

Interface Language Support:

French Language File 5.0
Italian Language File 5.0
Dutch BE Language File 4.0
Romanian Language File 4.0
Swedish Language File 5.0
German Language File 5.0
Catalan Language File


Anonymous said...


I have installed the new skin, but I don´t get the new car icon? can i choose it in the skin directly ? if yes where ?

many thanks

C&D said...

Sorry but new car icon is only included in the Specter version ...

Anonymous said...

where I can get the specter skin? can you give me the link ?

thanks a lot

C&D said...

@ bertibub30 :
in the post !
(light and dark versions)

Anonymous said...

ok i found it but when i install it and choose it from the menue change skin i get the error message:
failed to open file:
audio/voice_sound_delays.ini exiting application !!!

whats goin wrong ?
can you help me


C&D said...

take audio voice file in the blog and put it like explain in the post ...

Anonymous said...

i made an auio folder in the iGo8 directory, take the audio files from the new specter skin in it, but the same error message.
have i forgotten something?

Anonymous said...

must i install a previous version of the skin ?

i installed the new skin, made a audio folder, put the german voice file in it /extracted only the files and copied the german language 5.0 file in the language folder of igo.

C&D said...

There is a mistake in the German voice ... download English voice and take the voice_sound_delays.ini file in it and put it in your German voice file (in audio folder)

Anonymous said...

GREAT !!!! 10000 thx it just work´s!!!

Anonymous said...

only one question for the skin, is it possible to take the lane info arrows from the gurjon skin 3.3.02? i think it looks better also for your skin.

it would be great if you can add it



John said...

Thanks again for the update.
I really like the Specter skins.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I whould like to install this skin on the iGo8 but for unknown reasons, it does not let me choose any skins from settings -> menu -> skins entry (actually, skin entry it is just grey out).Can you help me with this? Note: I made the 'Skin' directory under 'iGO8/content' and the 'audio' directory on iGO8 as you said, and fill those up with needed files.
What I am doing wrong?
Thx, Cipri

TheTodd34 said...

Hello, great skin! One question -- I downloaded and installed diMka Version 1.3.31b LIGHT. Everything works great EXCEPT, my cursor guide is still the green triangle. How can I select a car icon?

PereNoel said...

Very very very good work !!!!!!! really... please, continue !!!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to make a spectre file with 240x320?.

Would like to use it..

Michel R said...

Audio warnings still not working..
Are they only working with the specter skin?.

Dutch does not work and also English is not working. (test button.)

Done everything according to txt..

Can't use specter skin because I use a PDA with 240x320 screen..
(Like many PDA users..)

Anonymous said...

Trying to install specter skin and to add voice for speed camera warnings. Created 'igo8\audio" folder. unziped the US English Voice Files. But camera voice test fails, no sound at all. Only "Lang: Alert sound", makes some ding dong. But silence with any other language. Please advise! I must be missing something, but cannot find what...

Anonymous said...

finally i figured it out. the location for audio files is not igo8\audio, but igo8\audio\XX where XX is a country code. US for United States, etc ....

cosmo said...

I can't figure out where or how to make camera audiofiles work. I created /audio folter, extracted both male and female. I even created /audio/EN and the only thing that I hear is that ding-dong sound and a camera icon appears. I also used voice_scripts.ui in every /audio dir with corrected paths for the files, eg:

runif bUnitType 1 'run sc_alert_u "EN\voice_female\Speed_Limit_Zero" "EN\voice_female\Speed_Limit_010_kph"

but it just doesn't work. Only hear that ding noise - no voice alert. What am I doing wrong ?

when I have both english and american english voice installed, what dir name should I use ? EN or UK ?


Anonymous said...

I installed the skin but when i try to run it i get FFUIERROR: parse error [/layer expected] what does this mean? and how can i get round it?

Anonymous said...

quien es el puto catalán que ha puesto su mierda de idioma y no veo la lengua de las lenguas...

kan.gerry said...

I downloaded 133b skin. copy zip file to skin folder. Downloaded English voice zip file.
Created Audio folder in main IGo8 folder. Unzip the file. (two folders male/female) two text files. But i get error FFUi \layer expected. Please please help me.


Anonymous said...

does anyone have good skin with a car for chinese gps device 800x480 - igo wince

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