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Gurjon skin updated (3.4.00)

Last update (2008.09.19) of the Gurjon skin v3.4.00 ...

New modifications :
1. Object icons added in popup info.
2. Changed "Tilt of map" and "U-Turns" (thanks to DVS1)
3. Changed multicalculation of route (thanks to DVS1)
4. Added rims around pads for better viewing at night.
5. Improved the visibility of "Speed", "Trip Comp." and "Time to the next turn".
6. Made visual difference between "Place" and "Browse" maps.
7. Added "Digital Speedometer".
8. Changed the place of "Compass" and "Height" (only in 320x240).
9. Other minor changes.

Enjoy Gurjon skin v3.4.00 !

And other files with different patches ...
Block Road patch (DVS1)
Favorite Route patch (DVS1)
Multicalc Patch (DVS1)
Speed Cam patch (DVS1)

Many thanks to Gurjon ;-)
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Anonymous said...

Would love to have the Specter skin.. But is not available in 240x320. :-(

Is it possible to make it also available for this screen format.
Most PDA users use this..

Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong skin.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gurjon skin, the best skin...

Thank you so mutch.

Anonymous said...

I love this skin very much.....

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