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diMka skin (v1.3.30)

Update of the diMka skin : original, Specter version and new 480x234 screen resolution !

- diMka Version 1.3.30a LIGHT (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234, 480x272)
Built in speed camera voices
See revision list... many changes.

- diMka Version 1.3.30a DARK (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234, 480x272)
Built in speed camera voices
Same as the version above except the nav screen uses dark backgrounds.

- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.3.30 (Original Version - 240,320, 320x240)
Unmodified diMka skin, includes speed camera voice patch. The speed camera voices for this version uses igo2006 file. The audio files below will not work for this version.

- diMka Version 1.3.30 (Specter version by Wertvrv - 480x234)
Built in speed camera voices

Change log :
- Changed color of compass from red/white to blue white.
- Changed color of second maneuver distance in night mode.
- Changed behavior of "Show Monocle" button in quick menu (many changes, try it)
- Separate transparency settings for day and night.
- New setting "Minimize" for BT button and settings for "Menu" long click action.

Required Speed Camera Voice Files Audio Folder:
Create an audio directory and unzip the audio file into the that directory, like this: "iGO8\audio".
UK English Voice Files (M/F)
US English Voice Files (-/F)
FR French Voice Files (M/F)
IT Italian Voice Files (M/F)
NL Dutch Voice Files (-/F)
PL Polish Voice Files (M/F)
RO Romanian Voice Files (-/F)
SW Swedish Voice Files (-/F)
DE German Voice Files (M/-)
CT Catalan Voice Files (M/F)

Interface Language Support:

French Language File 5.0
Italian Language File 5.0
Dutch BE Language File 4.0
Romanian Language File 4.0
Swedish Language File 5.0
German Language File 5.0
Catalan Language File

1 comment:

John said...

I just wonder why the Dark and Light "a" versions are more then 3 Mb+ and the original just under 1 Mb?
Is it because of the implented voice files? or....?

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