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Seasonal color schemes including "realistic" colors for roads ...

As requested in the comments about the new color schemes by Xerses,
I included my "realistic" color scheme to enhance the navigation comfort with grey gradient colors for the roads ...

Xerses/Artwork-iGO8 Winter
Xerses/Artwork-iGO8 Spring
Xerses/Artwork-iGO8 Summer
Xerses/Artwork-iGO8 Autumn

Enjoy !


lesscro said...

I love You man...
Je te kiffes grave !

merci l ami

John said...

Thanks for these nice schemes ;)

Anonymous said...

!!!! Watch out!!!! Incorrect ini files.
Download the schemes.
Extract them in new folder.
Open ini file in notepad.
Delete the folder info in front off dayhightcolormap.bmp.
Zip files.
Now the scheme is using the right colors.

Regards Peter

C&D said...

@ Peter :
Many thanks for your remark, and sorry for this mistake.
Links are now updated !

Anonymous said...

Many thx for these new schemes.

I like them very much.

To be continued

Anonymous said...

Thank you..
..but color.ini included in summer theme seem to be the original Xerses's one (except INFO tag).. just replace it with spring color.ini to get right colors..


Anonymous said...

Do these themes supersede the other dayheightcolormap.bmp that you produced ?

Will you be making "Night" Schemes using your nightheightcolormap.bmp ?

Thanks ... RJ

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