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diMka skin (v1.5.0) - updated with new resolutions !

- diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.5.0 (Original Version by dima8389 (diMka)- 240,320, 320x240)
Lots of bug fixes and added support for Hungarian iGO2006 voices.

The Specter version adds the following features:
1. Car icon and car icon setting menu
2. House Numbers can be set to bottom bar, by cursor or off
3. Selecting a POI will set it as a destination - Long click will just select it
4. Clicking the turn icon will repeat the last command
5. Adds option to show route summary - Goes to the Plan Map after selecting a POI, HISTORY or FAVORITE.
6. When selecting destination from the cursor menu, it will automatically minimize the cursor menu.

- diMka Version 1.5.0a LIGHT (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234,480x272)
A B T C car setup screen - choose car color, headlight brightness and shadow darkness.

- diMka Version 1.5.0a DARK (Specter version - 320x240, 400x240, 416x234, 480x272)
Same as the version above except the nav screen uses dark backgrounds.

- diMka Version 1.5.0a LIGHT (Specter version by Megaduck99 - 240x320)
FINALLY Specter version with 240x320 resolution !

- diMka Version 1.5.0 (Specter Version by Wertvrv - 480x234)

- diMka Version 1.4.5a A B T C (Version by Tonimontoia, Ervius and Dafunk - 480x272) Best version for 480x272 resolution
Red, Blue, Yellow Car colors with Adjustable shadows and Headlights with Preview

Use the voice files and language interface files from the previous post ... inlcuding new Russian voice !


Michel R said...

Perfect finally the specter 240x320..

Thanks a lot..


Anonymous said...

isn't there any 640x480 VGA skin?

Anonymous said...

After installing this skin i get an "Fatal error occured in main thread" error during driving a route.
can someone send me the sys.txt, i think there should be an error?
regards, oliver

Anonymous said...

Is this uploaded anywhere alse. The download site stops at 637kb. Then after the 3rd attempt it says that my daily download limit has expired.

Adrian said...

How can I change the car?

Adrian said...

How can I change the cars?

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