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TTSkin XL by GlikoGliko (v081011.2040)

Last update of the TTSkin by GlikoGliko including now 320x320 resolution !

Fully compatible with DIMKA/ULTRA speedcam voices posted in previous post on this blog ...

Change Log:
- Added the 320x320 resolution, in order to be used on Samsung SGH-i780 and similar devices
- Minor fixes

1. Download SKIN file and AUDIO file.
2. decompress AUDIO file and copy the \AUDIO folder in the IGO8 root folder in your SD ( SD\IGO8\AUDIO)
3. eventually download your language voices from the link above and overwrite the folders SD\IGO8\AUDIO.
4. decompress SKIN file and copy the content of the IGO8 folder in the IGO8 root folder of you device's SD
5. Start IGO8 and select from the menu SETTINGS/INTERFACE the item "TTSKINXL_BY_GLIKOGLIKO"
6. If you want, you can select also the TTGLIKO scheme color.

Enjoy TTSkin XL by GlikoGliko v081011.2040 !

and audio file (this is the ITALIAN + SOUND language pack (always needed). If need to use a different language, after applying that file, use the DIMKA/ULTRA voices ...)


Anonymous said...

pleas resolution 480x234,sory my englisch

Anonymous said...

I do not get the speedcam sounds and voices working.
I tried several things such as copy contence audio folder in to audio folder igo8,copy audio folder in to audio folder igo8 and i replaced igo 8 audio folder with audio folder.
I used audio folder with also italian voices and english.

Gliko Gliko said...

For more information on how to get audio working on this skin, please visit http://ttskin.dtdns.net

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