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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v5.0) with high resolution 800x480

This is a skin based almost entirely on Linknet's Ultra 5.0 skin with additional modifications by yours truly.

This skin is only intended for the high res devices (800x480) such as the iPaq 31x. The SYS file must indicate that your iGo8 installation will accept the 400x240 resolution. It will not work for anything at the moment besides 400x240.

The main things that have been modified are:
1. Added Time to Maneuver field above the Turn Indicator
2. Removed top transparent bar when no route has been entered.
3. Added a 4th data cockpit field.
4. The options for each cockpit field has been increased to include all "trip computer" variables.
5. Added compass.
6. Redesigned both Main and Secondary turn indicators.
7. Added an indicator within the Main turn indicator that "grows" as you near your next maneuver.

Enjoy Ultra Skin 5.0 High-Res !

See previous post for installation instructions and voices ...


Tim said...

Hi Grat Job would you be able to add 480x272 resolution in next version

psn said...

Nice job pal. there is 1440 x 234 resolution for 7" screen. Would you please add it to next version.

Steve said...

Yes would be nice for 480_272 screen.

bayxsonic said...

Why doesn't anyone make standard VGA skins? I can't find them anywhere...

RSR said...

Hey there, Please let me know what you think about this skin and for requests, etc here:


Anonymous said...


I have been using ULTRA skin since v.2.6 on a 320x240 res.

I am very sad now because I changed my GPS device and now I use 480x272 res.

Hope U make Ultra support 480x272

All the best

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Skin But There Is No 480x272 Support Hope You Add This.

Anonymous said...


I found out that after pointing on the map and you choose "cursor" and "Information" no POIs are found. It works with the original skin. Only applying the search near cursor will find the POIs.

RSR said...

^^ That is not the case for me. I do indeed see many POIs listed. I select point on map, select the 'cursor' button on right, press the 'i' on the bottom of the screen, and many POIs can be listed (only 2 at a time this way though).

krish73 said...

Many thanks for this skin, Could you also please publish Tom tom skin for this resolution ( 800*480)?

Valex said...

To add 480x272, will be good nice

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is a realy a great job and i like your skin artwork but would you be able to add the popular 480x272 resolution in your next update/version.
Regards a fan.

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