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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.9)

Last update of the Ultra skin ...

30/08/2008 Version 4.9
- Added tilt settings to the "3D Smart Zoom" settings screen. The following entry must be added to the sys.txt file on the device, and also to the sys.txt file on the SD Card for any reinstallations:
This will enable the tilt setting options on the "3D Smart Zoom" screen.

Enjoy v4.9!

Create an audio directory and unzip the audio file into the that directory, like this: "iGO8\audio".

- UK English Voice Files (M/F)
- US English Voice Files (-/F)
- FR French Voice Files (M/F)
- IT Italian Voice Files (M/F)
- NL Dutch Voice Files (-/F)
- PL Polish Voice Files (M/F)
- RO Romanian Voice Files (-/F)
- SW Swedish Voice Files (-/F)

Bluetooth Switcher (Optional):

- Bluetooth switcher

Interface Language Support:

- French Language File 4.4
- Italian Language File 4.1
- Dutch BE Language File 4.0
- Romanian Language File 4.0
- Swedish Language File 4.7

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