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TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v080821.2300)

New update of the TTSkin by GlikoGliko ...

PDA/PNA with IGO 8 (version and newer).

TTSkin is an already world famous add-on for the new IGO8 from Nav'n'GO, to change its user interface, in order to have it easier to use, better to read and closer to the market standard. Now you can have the full power of IGO8 with a clear, easy to read, interface.

240x230 - 320x240 - 480x272 only

- Clear interface with a 14 color-customizable status bar in the lower part of the screen, displaying always:
o Direction of the next manouver
o Distance to next manouver
o Estimated Time to Destination (ETD)
o Estimated Time ad Destination (ETA)
o Actual Speed (and overspeed)
o Actual Distance to Destination (DTD)
o Actual altitude
o Actual SpeedLimit
o Actual road name
o Next road name
o Actual street numbers
o Satellilte and Battery meters
- Simple menu navigation, closer to the TomTom menu paradigm
- Speedcam Warning System, with voice and sound alert, easily customizable in every language with a few OGG files.

Enjoy TTSkin by GlikoGliko (v080821.2300) !
and audio file for speedcam warning ...

Please read the installation instructions below ...

Change Log:
- Now the voice files for speedcam warning are extracted from the Skin file and are a different dowload file. Voices files now go to IGO8\AUDIO folder
- Removed the explicit support for many languages (now you have ITALIAN, ENGLISH and CUSTOM). Any language can be put in the CUSTOM. See the readme in the AUDIO file.
- Slight changes to the TTSkin Logo
- Added a new ITALIAN TTS voice (Voice_TTS-loq-Ita-f1HQLT_gliko) heavily changed for better understanding.

1. Download SKIN file and AUDIO file.
2. decompress AUDIO file and copy the \AUDIO folder in the IGO8 root folder in your SD (\SD\IGO8\AUDIO)
3. decompress SKIN file and copy the content of the IGO8 folder in the IGO8 root folder of you device's SD
4. Start IGO8 and select from the menu SETTINGS/INTERFACE the item "TTSKINXL_BY_GLIKOGLIKO"
5. If you want, you can select also the TTGLIKO scheme color.


Anonymous said...

A new version is out: v080823.2000, now with full compatibility with DIMKA/ULTRA speedcam voices.

You can get it at: http://ttskin.dtdns.net



Anonymous said...

Thank you - because I have ver 8.0 there are not lot of options and I appreciate your effort thank you. Bunter

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