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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.1)

Last update of the Ultra skin ...

02/08/2008 Version 4.1
- Added "Avoid Next Turn" option to the detour menu.
- Added "Show House Numbers Near Destination" configurable via the Settings ► Map Screen ► "House Numbers Show At" option. This will show house numbers in navigation mode, at the pre-configured advance distance, as you approach the destination.

Enjoy v4.1 !

Use the voice files from post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...


John said...

Thanks for the update! ;)

Anonymous said...

Please Help

I am getting the message "failed to open file: audio/voice_sound_delays.ini" exiting application.
Its a PDA HTC Touch igo8 8,0,0,35389
I used Skin GJ2.5 without any problem

MymsMan said...

You must also download the voice files.
See http://artwork-igo8.blogspot.com/2008/07/igo8-ultra-skin-v38.html
for details

Xerses72 said...

Updated Italian Language File with latest translated "House number show at" in "Opzioni numeri civici"
Also compatible with diMka skin with vocal speedcam warning.

Lang_Italian_Pda.zip 88,83KB


Anonymous said...

Somebody knows hungarien langoage for this skin?

Renate said...

Where do I hanve to put the Language file???
And the audio map, do I have to put it in the root directory of my storage card or in the iGo8 folder?

John said...

Language file goes to IGo8/cont/lang
The audiomap should go in the IGO8 folder(with unzipped contents, so it would read as male and female voicemaps an .ini and a .txt file

Feuerwehr said...

is there a way to use Ultra skin newer than 3.2 with german voice?


Renate said...

Language file goes to IGo8/cont/lang
The audiomap should go in the IGO8 folder(with unzipped contents, so it would read as male and female voicemaps an .ini and a .txt file[/quote]

Thnx Man!

Anonymous said...

I've done everything but still shows the original skin (zip file into skins folder, languages into audio folder). I even modified the sys.txt, but it doesn't work.
Please help.

Feuerwehr said...

@ renate:

Thanks, I thought Ultra 4.1 with english voice would change ALL anouncements to englisch, not just the camera warnings.

Is there an up to date manual for Ultra? Or can anybody tell me, how to get the screen with all route options (short, fast, etc.) to compare them after they are calculated?

Anonymous said...

if i change the time for speedcam voice warning the time was reset by restart igo

MymsMan said...

There is so much good stuff in these advanced stuff that it can be difficult for new users to understand what all of the new icons and options do.

While I realize developing new stuff is more fun would it be too much to ask for some time be spent updating the online help files or providing a user guide?

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